SLB 5V 100A 4CH

SLB 5V 100A 4CH

1. Technical Parameters

Item Technical parameters
Model SLB 5V 100A 4CH
Channel number 4pcs
Control method Independent control for each channel, current and voltage four-wire system collection
Characteristics Constant current source and constant voltage source, double closed loop structure
Input resistance ≥1MΩ




Charge 10mV-5V ( tester port )
Discharge 1V-5V( tester port ),The minimum discharge voltage is related to the line length
Precision ±0.1% of FS, Ambient temperature 15℃-35℃




Charge 200mA-100A
Discharge 200mA-100A
Precision ±0.1% of FS, Ambient temperature 15℃-35℃


Single channel 500W
Stability 0.2% of FS
Time ≤10ms (Current response time)

Data record

Frequency 1Hz

Data recording conditions

Minimum time interval:1S
Minimum voltage interval:1mV
Minimum current interval:1mA


Charging mode Constant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant current constant voltage charging, constant power charging
Cut-off condition Voltage, current, relative time, capacity, -△V


Discharge mode Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant resistance discharge
Cut-off condition Voltage, current, relative time, capacity, -△V

Pulse mode Optional

Charge Constant current mode, constant power mode
Discharge Constant current mode, constant power mode
Minimum pulse width Recommended above 5S
Cut-off condition Voltage, relative time
Item Technical parameters
DCIR Optional Support custom pick points for DCIR calculation


Loop test 199 commands can be set, 65535 cycles can be set
Loop nesting Support 5 levels of loop nesting







Software protection

Support power-down data protection
Support continuous start (the computer should have UPS power)
Overvoltage protection, under voltage protection, capacity protection, overcurrent protection, undercurrent protection
Anti-reverse protection
Data export method Excel, PDF
cooling method Wind cooling
Equipment noise ≤60dB
Communication RJ45 network port communication
Display screen
System Requirements Windows XP and above

2. Environment Requirements 

Item Technical parameters
Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Storage temperature -10℃-65℃
Relative humidity of working environment ≤70% RH (No condensation)
Relative humidity of storage environment ≤80% RH (No condensation)
Input active power 2300W
Input power AC220V±10%/50Hz,Other power specifications are optional
Fixture type
Other requirements
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