SI ES 5V 30A 64CH (with complete fixture for all types & size of cells – prismatic & pouch)

SI ES 5V 30A 64CH (with complete fixture for all types & size of cells – prismatic & pouch)

Equipment characteristics and appearance structure

System Features 

  • Single point is independent, each battery has an independent constant current and constant voltage source, stable and without impact. Functions such as start, stop, pause, resume and protection can be realized.
  • The equipment accuracy is 05% and the stability is high.
  • The software has powerful functions and friendly man-machine interface.
  • Four-wire test interface to ensure high measurement accuracy.
  • Modular design concept, easy to maintain.

The structure of this equipment is mainly composed of the following parts: 

  1. Independent CPU board, double keyboard board, independent operation on both sides of the front and back, unified sending control of the whole

Appearance diagram, the size is subject to the actual model

Customizable fixture form

2. System Structure and working Principle

  1. System Composition
  • Lithium battery info capacity equipment.
  • a computer with a USB interface (bring your own).
  • USB to 485 interface converter and communication cable or Category 5 communication cable and crystal head
  • Battery scanning system.
  • Semco product software.

2. System principle

The equipment is connected and controlled by computer, sending instructions and collecting data; The keyboard can manually operate the equipment and display parameters and status; Under the command of CPU, the constant current board has the function of constant current and constant voltage; When the battery is charged, the two-way power supply converts the AC into 12V DC, and the charging control and detection of the battery are realized through the constant current board; When the battery is discharged, the process is opposite to charging. Firstly, the battery voltage is increased to 12V through the constant current board, and then the DC is transformed into AC through the two- way power supply, which is directly fed into the AC distribution network of the factory, so as to realize the energy feedback of battery discharge electric energy. Remarkable power saving effect: according to the actual measurement, the power consumption of the equipment during charging is more than 40% lower than that of traditional equipment, the comprehensive power saving rate is more than 60%, and the power consumption is more than 60%, which saves a lot of costs for battery manufacturer

Equipment structure
Number of device channels The whole machine has 64 channels in total
Dimensions Width1086mm×Long 968mm×height1840mm
Chassis colour Standard gray black (can be customized)
Fixture form Flat head clamp
Fixture spacing 80 MM


Support battery specifications

Battery length 65mm-220mm; width 20mm- 70mm; Height 90mm-230mm
Channel control mode Each battery has an independent constant current and constant voltage source, which is stable and without

Impact. Start, stop, pause, resume and protect


Each channel has independent constant voltage and constant current hardware control circuit

Fine tuning and calibration of charging current

and discharging current accuracy of each channel

Working power Three phase five wire AC380V, 10% 50Hz
power factor ≥0.99
AC current distortion rate ≤2%
Charging efficiency of the whole machine ≥75%
Feeder conversion efficiency ≥70%

Working power consumption

≤12 KW
equipment failure rate <1%
temperature-10~40, Relative humidity 80%
working environment
Cooling method Natural air intake, upward exhaust
Channel Parameters

Voltage measurement range

DC 0~5V
battery voltage range Charge DC 0~4.5V; discharge DC 4.5~2V
Constant voltage range DC 2~4.5V
Voltage accuracy ±(0.5‰Reading +0.5‰full scale),
Voltage stability ≤(±1mV)
Current range Charging DC 100mA〜10A; Discharging DC 100mA〜10A
Current accuracy ±(0.5‰Reading +0.5‰full scale)
Current stability ≤(±1mA)
Software Function
control method Computer control equipment work, whole cabinet control, with scanning system

communication method

485 serial port communication (baud rate 57600)
Process settings Up to 32 steps and 256 cycles can be set
charging mode  

Constant current, constant voltage, constant current and constant voltage

Charging cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, -△ V
discharge mode  

constant current


Discharge cut-off condition

voltage, time, capacity

Protective function

Over voltage, under voltage, over current, under current, over capacity protection, power-

off protection, data breakpoint recovery

time limit 0〜3000minutes/step, the time unit is min
time precision ≤±1‰
Sampling inspection cycle  

≤8 Seconds

battery sorting Sort by (capacity, time, open circuit voltage, discharge platform, etc.)
data processing It Can record voltage, current, time, capacity Deng data, automatically calculate the constant current charging ratio rate, capacity loss, discharge efficiency, average voltage, median voltage and other data, provide data curve and cycle diagram; can output generated text,


database format file



Basic software functions

The software supports various connections, such as manual pause connection, software shutdown connection, power-off interruption connection, equipment communication interruption connection, abnormal stop


Support barcode scanning, can scan one- dimensional code and two-dimensional code, there are scanning methods such as sequential code scanning, channel skip scanning code, loading scanning code, etc.;


Local test detailed data storage, you can view the current test of each channel at any time Data and historical data, there are two ways corresponding to the data and the curve. Now, and supports exporting EXCE reports in single or batch form, in addition

You can set the automatic data export at the end of the test according to your needs.


Support capacity sorting, which can sort batteries by grade;


Support the judgment of passing the test at the end of the test, and judge the Pass/NG result according to the specified cycle capacity, voltage, time and other information;

Support various working step protections and global voltage, current, and temperature abnormal protection (available in some equipment), and perform abnormal alarms, and support battery pack overcharge and overdischarge protection tests;

Support channel parallel connection (optional according to equipment);


Support unit conversion;

Support database server background storage or MES docking;


Software offline protection;


The software provides free upgrades.

4. The main material selection List

sequence No name Specifications and models (subject to the final selection) Origin (subject to final selection)
1 MCU STM32 Import/Domestic
2 AD chip TI import
3 DA chip Meixin import
4 Power tube Lanjian domestic
5 Switching Mode Power Supply Semco domestic
6 Fixture Semco domestic

5. Product Characteristics

  1. Each battery has an independent constant current and constant voltage source, which is stable without
  2. The equipment is controlled by STM 32 single chip microcomputer and connected by computer. It can save all test data and curves, or directly operate through the equipment keyboard board, set the process, complete the test and
  3. Detect and display the status of each battery in real If there is any abnormality, the channel will stop working and the indicator light will be on
  4. With power down protection function, the original workflow can continue to run after an incoming
  5. The power tube adopts field effect tube, which is suitable for batteries with low voltage discharge, such as lithium iron phosphate
  6. The graphic operation interface is adopted, which is intuitive and clear. At the same time, the data such as voltage, current, time and capacity of each battery can be displayed, and different colours can be set to display the corresponding working status and abnormal
  7. The user is recommended to equip each computer with UPS power supply to prevent damage to the computer or data in case of power failure; Each computer can be connected with up to 10 devices
S. No. Name Quantity
1 Equipment delivery test report Equipment 1 set / set 2
2 Operation manual 1 set 3
3 Packing list and product certificate 1 set / set 4
4 Communication line 1 set / set 5
5 Product software USB flash disk 1 set

7. Service and Support

  1. After sales site installation, commissioning and
  2. The warranty period is 1 year, and 1 year of free maintenance, upgrading and training. Lifelong maintenance and long-term technical
  3. 24-hour response within the warranty period; Provide on-site maintenance service within 48h in the province; Provide maintenance service outside the province within 72h. Special circumstances shall be discussed separately (only remote technical support shall be provided for export equipment).
  4. After the warranty period, only the cost of raw materials will be charged for maintenance, and the software will be upgraded free of charge.
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