Semco SI ES 5V 30A 128CH

Semco SI ES 5V 30A 128CH

  1. Overview
  2. The structure and appearance of the equipment
  3. System structure and working principle
    1. System composition
    2. working principle
  4. Main technical parameters
  5. Accessories
  6. Service and Support


Should the grid-fed energy-saving battery testing equipment is an exclusive product launched in China after years of research and development by Semco Infratech Pvt. Ltd. PWM high frequency power feedback technology. The latest generation of energy-saving battery testing equipment is widely used in the chemical composition and volumetric testing of lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries. Should Product stability, energy saving, precision and quality have been welcomed and praised by many battery industries. The overall technology is currently at the leading domestic level and is leading the technological revolution of the battery industry.

The structure and appearance of the equipment

The structure of this equipment is mainly composed of the following parts:

  1. CPU plate 1 Block, the whole cabinet unified sending control.
  2. four-channel constant current board32Blocks, divided into four doors evenly
  3. 4 bidirectional inverter power supplies, each for 8 constant current
  4. Keyboard 2 Block, double-sided operation front and
  5. Common 16 Block pallet, pallet depth22cm, with epoxy board insulation, each pallet 8 Channel, push- down clamp.

System structure and working principle

System Composition

  1. Lithium battery into capacity equipment (1~10tower).
  2. A computer with a USB interface (bring your own).
  3. A USB to 485 interface converter and communication line.
  4. A set of Semco product software.

System principle

The equipment is connected and controlled by a computer to send instructions and collect data; the keyboard can manually operate the equipment to display parameters and status; the constant current board is ordered by CPU, has constant current and constant voltage functions; when the battery is charged, the bidirectional power supply converts the alternating current into 12V direct current, and the constant current board realizes the charging control and detection of the battery; when the battery is discharged, the process is opposite to the charging process, and the constant current The board raises the battery voltage to 12V, and then converts the direct current into alternating current through the bidirectional power supply and directly feeds it into the AC distribution network of the factory, thereby realizing the energy feedback of the discharged electric energy of the battery.
Significant power saving effect::After testing, should the power consumption of the device during charging is more than 40% lower than that of traditional devices, the comprehensive power saving rate is more than 60%, and the power consumption is more than 60%, which saves a lot of costs for battery manufacturers.

Technical Parameters

Equipment structure
Number of device channels The whole machine has 128 channels in total
Dimensions Width 1850mm × depth 550mm × height 1840mm
Chassis colour Standard off-white (can be customized)
Fixture form Down pressure four-wire clamp
Fixture spacing 85mm
Support battery specifications square battery
Working Power Three-phase five-wire system AC380V±10%, 50HZ
Power factor ≥0.99
AC current distortion rate ≤5%
Overall Charging Efficiency ≥75%
Feeder conversion efficiency ≥70%
Equipment failure rate <1%
Working Power Consumption ≤20KW
Working environment Temperature -10〜40°C, relative humidity≤80%
Cooling method Natural air intake, upward exhaust
Channel Parameters
Voltage measurement range DC 0~5V
Battery voltage range Charging DC 0~4.5V; Discharging DC 4.5~2V
Constant voltage range DC 1〜5V
Voltage accuracy ±(1‰Reading +1‰full scale), resolution 1mV
Voltage stability ≤1‰
Current range Charging DC 300mA〜30A; Discharging DC 300mA


Current accuracy ±(1‰Reading +1‰full scale), resolution 10mA
Current stable Read ≤1‰
Software Function
Way to Control Computer control equipment work, whole cabinet


Communication method Serial port, baud rate 57600
Process settings Up to 32 steps and 256 cycles can be set, with

nested cycle function

Charging mode Constant current,   constant   voltage,   constant

current and constant voltage

Charging cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity
Discharge mode constant current
Discharge cut-off condition voltage, time, capacity

Protective function

Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, under- current,      over-capacity    protection,         power-off

protection, data breakpoint recovery

Time limit 0〜30000 minutes/step, the time unit is min
Time precision ≤±1‰
Sampling inspection cycle ≤1s〜60s optional
Battery sorting Sort by (capacity, time, open circuit voltage,

discharge platform, etc.)

Data processing It can record data such as voltage, current, time,

capacity, etc., automatically calculate constant

current charging ratio,

capacity loss discharge efficiency, average voltage, median voltage and other data, provide data curve and cycle diagram;

can output generated text, EXCEL, WORD or MDB

database format file

Product accessories 

S.No. Name Quantity
1 Equipment factory inspection report 1 set/unit
2 Equipment Instruction Manual 1 set
3 Packing list and product certificate 1 set/unit
4 communication line 5 Product 1 set/unit
5 Software U Disk 1 set

 Service & Support

  1. After-sales on-site installation, commissioning and training.
  2. shelf life 1Year, 1Years of free maintenance, upgrades and training.
  3. Available within the warranty period48hOn-site maintenance service, Special circumstances will be discussed separately.
  4. Maintenance after the warranty period only charges the cost of raw materials, and the software is upgraded free of charge.
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