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Top supplier of Lithium-ion Battery production equipment in India


About Semco Infratech

SEMCO Infratech is a solutions supplier, manufacturer and distributor for Lithium-Ion Cell Processing and Packing Machinery. Founded in 2006, as a part of Semco Group, the company is headquartered in New Delhi. Semco Infratech has been equipped with qualified sales and service engineers to assist with clients’ requirements. Our focus is to provide an all-in-one solution for all your battery system needs. The company had partnered with various companies offering innovative technologies with high value-added services to meet the demands of global customers.

Semco Infratech is committed to society, people as well as global demand through the constant growth and innovation of our business entities. We offer a range of products in the energy segment that is manufactured using top-quality materials for testing and manufacturing equipment as per the industry standards. Further, our dedicated and well-qualified team delivers innovative technologies to satisfy the needs of global and local customers which have helped our organization attain maximum growth over all these years. In addition, we respect international norms and guidelines and initiatives related to social responsibility.

Through a dedicated focus on delivering advanced energy-related technologies, we aim to provide better services to our valuable customers. Our customer segment primarily is composed of Solar, Electric Vehicles and Electronics. Based on our commitment to helping achieve an eco-friendly environment, where people throughout the world can lead a safe and secure life, we will continue to use the latest energy management technology.



Mr Romesh Chand Singhal
Mr Romesh Chand Singhal


Mr Neeraj Kumar Singhal
Mr Neeraj Kumar Singhal


Nandita Gupta
Nandita Gupta

Head of Marketing

Aakash Singal
Aakash Singal


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