SIB ES 5V 3A 512CH – Energy Saving/Linear

SIB ES 5V 3A 512CH – Energy Saving/Linear

Equipment NameEnergy Feedback Li-ion Battery Automatic Testing and Formation System

Technical Parameter

Model SIB ES 5V 3A 512CH
Numbers of device channels Totally with 512 channels
Working flow control method Overall machines control
Charges mode Constant current, constant voltage
Charges terminated


Voltage, current, time, capacity
Discharges mode Constant current
Discharges terminated Conditions Voltage, time, capacity

Protective functions

Over voltage, lack of voltage, over current lack of current over capacity protection, Reverse wiring protection, Outage Protection. data break point recovery
Flow setting Maximum can Seats 32 steps and 256 cycle
Sampling inspection cycle ≤2s
Minimum data record


Equipment conversion efficiency Charges      :75% Discharges :70%

Stability measures

Adopts precise instrument purpose amplifier

Current automatic calibrate technology Software calibration cancel potentiometer calibration

Sorting Matching with internal resistance testing and battery sorting system, realize battery sorting.
Program upgrade Remote online upgrade
Software Can record voltage, current, time, capacity such data with powerful data process functions provide multiple curve mode.

Can output and create text, EXCEL, WORD or MDB database format file.

Range of voltage measuring Charges 0-5V;discharges 0-5V,resolution 0.1mV
Range of battery voltage Charges 0-4.5V;discharges 4.5-2V
Range of constant voltage 2-4.5V
Voltage accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Range of current Charges 0.015A-3A;discharges 0.015-3A,resolution 1mA
Current accuracy ±(0.15%RD+0.05%FS)
Range of time Within 0-30000 mins sets randomly, the time unit is minute
Time accuracy ≤±0.1%
Temperature measuring Measuring range-10 ~ +80℃,resolution 0.1℃,accuracy±1.5℃
Input power 5

AC380V±1 0%,50HZ,dissipation≤10KW

Communication mode TCPIP
Battery clamp Quick fixture (18650, 21700, 26650, 32650)
Dimension(W×D×H) 1596*730*1840mm
Working ambient Temperature:0~40℃,relative humidity ≤85%
weight 350kg

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