Semco SI 11C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 Hioki / HK

Semco SI 11C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 Hioki / HK

The equipment is controlled by PLC and PC. The PLC is responsible for cell feeding, battery handling and battery sorting. The PC is responsible for voltage and internal resistance testing along with data collection, high work efficiency, good product performance. The device is equipped with universal movable casters, the device can easily move when it is displaced.

Product Details

Description of Parts:

  1. The MFSM adopts new hopper type automatic feeding structure, feeding high speed and stable, no impact and scratch on the cells. Also, there is direct manual feeding of the whole box which can realize uninterrupted
  2. MFSM comes with high accuracy and high stability of internal resistance detector with feeding part of the high speed and high stability feeding
  3. Multifunction automatic sorting machine has servo manipulator multi pieces feeding structure which makes each battery feeding time less than 1
  4. The material box of the sorting machine adopts multi-file structure, with full alarm function, and the end of the material box opens the door for quick and convenient
  5. Cells MFSM are analysed internal resistance and voltage detection results by the computer to generate classified data and display of mass production The detection system has the database function, which can query and export the historical detection data.


  1. 18650/26650/32650/21700 li-ion batteries test & sorting machine
  2. High precision and fast
  3. Touch screen operation, easy and fast
  4. Customers can set the voltage and internal resistance by

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Sorting wheels Día: For different cell (21650,18650,32700)

Programmable logic controller: It is continuously monitoring the input data and give best output data.

Speed control switch: To control the speed of motor


Not Good channel: Collect cells of undefined voltage


Receiving channels: Collect cells according to defined voltage


Power Buttons: To operate the machine


Hopper: To feed the cells for sorting.


Sorting wheel: For sorting of the cells.


Pressure gauge: To maintain the pressure.


IR tester: Internal Resistance Tester



Cell sorting machine is used for cylindrical cell internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of the test sorting equipment, according to the internal resistance set on the computer software and voltage value of the cell into the specified gear. The system can achieve multistage sorting.

Application       Battery sorting

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After sale service

  1. One year warranty with lifetime support (AMC)
  2. Online support, Video technical
  3. We will guarantee the quality of the machine, and perform a second test on the machine before leaving the warehouse to ensure that each set of equipment runs well, and provide long-term after-sales service to 100%customer

Technical specification

Semco Automatic Sorting machine (11 CH)

Model No.

Semco SI 11C-MFSM Multifunction Cell Sorting Machine 18/21/26/32
Channel 10+1 Channel
Voltage 220V±10%/50 Hz
Power Consumption 800W
Tester Precision Voltage & IR Tester
Voltage Accuracy(mV) 0.01% of reading ± 3 digit



0.5% of reading ± 3 digit

Air Pressure 0.35 – 0.8 MPa
Sorting Efficiency 50-80 PPM
Controller Reputed PLC & Servo-motor, Sensors.
Weight 230kg
size(cm) 142*116*155


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