Semco SI 10C SM 18650/32700/33140 Ten Channels Automatic Sorting Machine – Hioki / HK

Semco SI 10C SM 18650/32700/33140 Ten Channels Automatic Sorting Machine – Hioki / HK

Table of Content

  1. Appearance and functional characteristics of
  2. Equipment action
  3. Technical parameters of equipment
  4. Equipment configuration List
  5. Operating environment
  6. Random accessories

1. Appearance and functional characteristics of:

1.  Appearance of the device

2.  Equipment function:

  • Voltage internal resistance test
  • 10-level sorting
  • Separation efficiency: ≥2800 pieces/hour

3.  Equipment Features 

  • Feeding method: manually load the battery to the feeding hopper
  • Receiving method: 10 grades of manual receiving
  • Test station: test 1 battery at a time
  • Sorting method: the stepper motor moves the battery one grid at a time, and the cylinder pushes the battery to the receiving gear
  • Sorting system: Xinjie PLC+15-inch touch screen

2.   Equipment action process 

Manual charging of the whole box of batteries → the cylinder pushes the battery out → the belt transports the battery

→ the cylinder pushes the battery to the test position → the voltage and internal resistance test of a single battery → the stepper motor transfers the battery one grid at a time → the cylinder pushes the battery after the battery reaches the corresponding gear To the receiving gear → manual boxing

3. Equipment Technical parameters

  • Working voltage: AC 220V±10%/50Hz, power: ≤1.5 KW
  • Working gas source: 5~0.7 Mpa (dry gas)
  • Separation efficiency: ≥ 50PPM
  • Adapt to battery specifications: 33140 finished batteries
  • Equipment weight: about 300㎏
  • Equipment qualification rate: ≥99.5%
  • Equipment utilization rate: ≥98%
  • Dimensions: 1500 (length) × 900 (width) × 1600 (height) mm
  • The frame material of the sorting machine: high-quality thick cold-rolled plate, made of aluminum profiles.
  • Sorting parameters: open circuit voltage, AC internal resistance
  • Test accuracy: Nikki 3561 precision internal resistance tester Open circuit voltage: Accuracy +/-0.01% rdg, display resolution 1mV AC Internal Resistance: Accuracy +/- 0.5% rdg, Display Resolution 0.1 milliohms
  • Parameter call: can save and call multiple groups (≥20 groups) of sorting parameters for sorting
  • Gear Count: Real-time display of the number of batteries in each gear
  • Data storage: the sorting data is saved in real time, and the storage time is greater than or equal to half a year

4.   Equipment Configuration list

  • Tester: Hioki 3561 Precision Internal Resistance Tester
  • PLC: Xinjie XD3-60T-E
  • Touch screen: 15-inch MCGS touch screen
  • Stepping motor: Xingfengyuan
  • Rail slider: Taiwan Shangyin
  • Sensor: AirTAC and Omron,
  • Bearing: Japan NSK
  • Cylinder: Yadke and Xingchen,
  • Switching power supply: Taiwan MEAN WELL
  • Button alarm light: Siemens

5.   Operating environment 

  • Indoor temperature: -30℃~50℃.
  • Indoor humidity: RH<55% or less
  • Factory site: no pollution and no strong electromagnetic interference

6.   Random accessories

  • Equipment operating instructions
  • 1 pack of test probes (20 pcs)
  • Internal resistance tester manual
  • A set of common tools (Allen wrench, screwdriver, )


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