Semco SI 10C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 Hioki / HK

Semco SI 10C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 Hioki / HK

1.  Equipment Introduced

CBFX-10 is an automatic sorting device used to test the internal resistance and voltage of a cell. The equipment is easy to operate, without professional training, workers can easily master. The equipment is compatible with 8 kinds of battery cell sorting test, and adopts PLC+PC control, PLC is responsible for battery feeding, material transportation and material receiving, PC is responsible for battery test instrument data collection, voltage internal resistance level sorting, easy to operate, high work efficiency, saving labour cost, good product performance. It adopts Panasonic PLC and Panasonic servo motor control, industrial grade all-in-one computer with touch screen, brand sensor and other accessories. The sorting efficiency is 4,000 to 6,000 cells per hour, with high sorting speed and efficiency. Voltage of 0.01 MV, 0.01 M 12 resistance; Four needle detection, long life and high stability. Automatic hopper feeding, 400PCS can be put in at one time, 10 assorting matching discharge.

2.  Equipment technical parameters

Working Voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz Power <800W
Working Gas Source  



Working Efficiency



Fitted Norm 18650/26650/21700/32700 Sorting Channel 10
Device Weighs 250 kg Percent Of Pass 99.9% or higher
Shape Size 1320*860*1200(mm) Open Circuit Voltage Accuracy +/– 0.1%

Frame Materials

High quality cold rolling plate, aluminium profile

production +0.5%


Ac Imp



Sorting Parameters Open circuit voltage AC internal resistance


Indoor Temperature  


3. Equipment details/sample pictures

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