Semco SI BCDS 70V (10/20A) 7CH

Semco SI BCDS 70V (10/20A) 7CH

· Application:

It is used for battery pack charging and discharging cycle test, battery pack function test and charge discharge data monitoring, such as electric tools, solar energy storage, torsion cars, scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and so on.

· Environmental Requirements and Technical Parameters:

  • Power supply: AC voltage 380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 10%;
  • Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 45 ℃;
  • The environment is free from strong vibration, corrosive gas and flammable and explosive gas.

· Function Introduction:

  • Charging and discharging function: it has the functions of constant current and constant voltage charging and constant current It can charge and discharge the battery and record the battery capacity;
  • Charging and discharging interface: fully meet the requirements of the same charging and discharging port and charging and discharging sub port of the battery pack, i.e. two wires (P + P -), three wires (P + P – C -), electric tool battery with positive plate charging protection and negative plate discharge protection (CH + P + P -);
  • Check the voltage protection: check whether the charging protection and discharge protection of the battery work by charging and discharging the battery;
  • Safety protection: anti reverse connection protection function, power failure data protection, support continuous measurement, voltage upper and lower limit setting protection, and safe discharge current protection;
  • Online mode: single instrument or less than 5 instruments can be connected to PC through serial port; More than 5 sets adopt the network connection mode, and the PC terminal provides a network port to control less than 30 instruments;
  • Control system: the software system adopts the classic and mature C / S mode, and the communication modes include serial port and The serial port can realize the accurate communication of several instruments in a short distance, and the network can realize the accurate communication of multiple instruments in a long distance;
  • Management software: Based on the windows operation interface, the SQL database is used to store the test data, which is very convenient for the staff to query and export the data online. The charge discharge aging curve can be viewed according to the battery bar code, time and equipment number, and the curve can be exported at the same

· Equipment Parameter Description:

Model Semco SI BCDS 70V (10/20A) 7CH


Test Range 10~70V
Resolution ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)



Charge Range 50~10000mA
Discharge Range 50~20000mA
Resolution ±(0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range)


Constant voltage cut-off current  

Min. 50mA

Capacity Resolution ±1‰
Power Discharge Power ≤1400W


Patrol inspection time Receive real time<2S
Timing range 0~999 Hours / Step
Data recording interval ≥5S
Median machine version 1.1Series



Charge Mode Constant current and constant voltage charging

Cut off condition

Voltage, current, relative time, overcharge protection



Discharge Mode Constant current discharge

Cut off condition

Voltage, relative time and over discharge protection


Cycle Test Range 1~999 cycles
Single cycle work steps 100
Voltage and current detection sampling Four wire sampling
Database Using SQL database to manage test data

Communication mode of upper computer

Network port and serial port based on TCP / IP protocol
Data output mode Excel, TXT, Chart file

Appearance and Structure:

  • Upper Computer Test Inter-Face:

    • Main Interface:


    Single Channel 600*450*170mm(W*D*H )
    Cabinet Dimension 1130*600*1700mm(W*D*H )
    Battery Placing Space 400*600*190mm(W*D*H )
    Weight 320KG
    Channel Qty 7 Channels 7 rows and 1 column
    Spare Parts Computer, test pen line, user manual, computer software, etc

  • Solution Setting Interface:

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