Semco CCD – 1220C Semco CCD Tester

Semco CCD – 1220C Semco CCD Tester

Semco CCD – 1220C

Product name, model, quantity:

Product name Model One bit No. Quantity Remark
Lithium battery CCD visual inspection Semco CCD – 1220C Tower 1 Online embedding built-in


Technical parameters:

Operating Voltage: 220V±10%/50Hz±10%, Power: ≤500W
Working air source: 0.5~0.6 Mpa
Dimensions: 1000mm(L)×900mm(W)×1680mm(H)
Maximum number of detected particles 450PCS (standard 18650 cells)
Number of file groups that can be stored 99 groups

Equipment configuration:

Part Configure the brand Specifications
Transistor welding


Camera Hikvision
Computer Steady progress customization
Display Steady progress customization
Software Steady progress customization


Equipment advantages:

  • Fast detection speed;
  • Easy to operate and use;
  • The recognition degree is accurate, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents in battery production;
  • The positive and negative poles of the battery cells can be detected reversely, and it can be detected that the highland barley paper is reversed, which causes the reversed positive and negative poles


After-sales service terms:

Our company provides the following pre-sales and after-sales services for all equipment sold:

  • Strictly follow the technical specifications to ensure that the goods fully meet the technical requirements of the product in terms of quality performance and operation, and provide a factory inspection certificate.
  • Free installation and test machine to normal operation.
  • Free training and explanation for your company’s machine users until your company’s technicians master it.
  • Free one-year warranty (including transportation, labour costs, free spare parts, excluding man- made damage), and a tour service every six months.
  • Lifetime maintenance fee (only the most basic fee for spare parts), if your company fails to fully confirm with our company due to procedural problems, and your company’s use department supervisor has promised, our company should deal with the machine Failure comes first.
  • If you receive a maintenance call or fax notification, you will reply within 2 hours, and arrive at your company within 12 hours (Shenzhen area) to 24 hours (foreign customers) for processing.


In order to make the sold machines work better, please observe the following points when using our company’s machines:

  • After the normal delivery of the machine, non-our staff should not modify the machine circuit without permission.
  • When the machine fails, you must contact If it is not our professional maintenance personnel, but any problems caused by other personnel’s maintenance, we will not bear any responsibility.
  • The internal parameters of machine control cannot be arbitrary.
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