Semco SI BMST 1-24S (40A 120A) single unit only

Semco SI BMST 1-24S (40A 120A) single unit only

  1. Equipment applicable scope and function introduction

 Scope of application: Mainly used for safety testing of lithium battery protection boards, compatible with various common protection board types on the market, such as the same port of the positive electrode (split port), the same port of the negative electrode (split port), positive charge and protection, negative discharge protection, etc., It is widely used, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and facilitating quality

  • Function introduction: Quick test and precise test and laboratory mode,

Accurate test: It can accurately detect the precise value of each functional parameter of the power battery protection board (the error is1mv), to facilitate the debugging and development of samples, and to provide R&D personnel with a set of standards for rapid detection.

Quick test: According to the design parameters of the protection board, the test parameters are set for rapid testing, which is convenient for the protection board manufacturers and power battery manufacturers to quickly test and ship on a large scale, and is suitable for testing the protection boards of various hardware solutions and some software solutions.

Laboratory mode: Set single string voltage independently, select charging or discharging mode separately, and judge MOS the closure or conduction of the tube.

2. Main performance of test equipment

  • Routine test items: Internal resistance test, overcharge and over discharge test, overcharge recovery and over discharge recovery test, over current test (charge over current and discharge over current).
  • Unique test items: Short-circuit protection test (refers to the real short-circuit protection test in microseconds). Single cell self-consumption test (refers to the true and accurate self-consumption of each cell). Equalization current and equalization voltage (can accurately capture equalization current and equalization opening voltage).
  • Types of protection boards that support testing: Lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium titanate,
  • Use the computer host computer to support the barcode scanning function, and automatically save the test

3.    Technical parameter

 High current module: The current level is120A, Current 1A.

  • Voltage module: Voltage 5-5V, Programmable output 0.5-5V, Voltage accuracy1mV.
  • Short circuit module: Supercapacitor, fully analog pack the battery voltage instantly short-circuits the protection board to accurately capture the short-circuit time and current. Infrared scan (Barcode scanning) Scan each protection board ID Number (reserved for optional).

4.     Equipment parameter

Serial number Item type Adjustable range Precision
1 Number of series 1-24String
2 Reference voltage 0.5V       V ±1mV
3 Overcharge protection 0.5V       V ±1mV
4 Overcharge protection released 0.5       V ±1mV
5 Over discharge protection 0.5       V ±1mV
6 Over discharge protection released 0.5       V ±1mV
7 Over-discharge current protection value 1A-120A ±0.1A
8 Overcharge current protection value 1A-40A ±0.1A
9 Over current protection delay 0-10S ±1ms
10 Overcharge/Over-dischar ge protection delay 0-20S ±1ms
10 Balanced opening voltage 0.5       V ±1mV
11 Balanced turn-on current 0-200mA ±1mA
12 Single cell self-consumption 0-500uA ±0.1uA
13 Main circuit internal resistance test 0-200mΩ ±1mΩ
14 Short circuit protection 0-9999uS ±1uS (Need6Above skewers)
15 Online settings Serial communication SupportRS232Serial port and host computer communication
16 Testable type Hardware board and most software boards (special software boards need to communicate)


5. Product appearance structure and working environment requirements:

  • Appearance requirements: The overall aluminum alloy chassis is free from damage and gaps are required, the appearance of the chassis is free of traces, and the operation panel is required to be flat and without raised
  • Structure size: The volume of the instrument itself is 510×580×230mm, Net weight
  • Working environment: Mains power requirements for working powerAC220VInput, power supply fluctuation range (170-260V), working environment temperature-10°CTo40°C, and The working humidity is at10%~90%, Maximum power600WAppears only when testing high
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