Semco SI BCDS 60V 40A 4CH/60V 60A 2CH/60V 100A 2CH/120V 30A 4CH/75V 20A 8CH

Semco SI BCDS 60V 40A 4CH/60V 60A 2CH/60V 100A 2CH/120V 30A 4CH/75V 20A 8CH

1. Equipment features

  • Energy feedback energy-saving type, there is energy saving during the test (80%), the effect of discharge feedback (75%), heat is small, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and cost reduction for users;
  • Constant current to constant voltage charging safely and smoothly, the voltage and current of the device are connected in a four-wire system, and the voltage and current loops are independently designed to ensure a safe and smooth transition during the constant current to constant voltage charging process to avoid damage to the battery due to spikes;
  • High precision Calibration method, the charging current, discharging current, charging voltage and discharging voltage are all calibrated with high precision by Agilent to ensure that the accuracy of current and voltage is within 0.5‰;
  • Excellent heat dissipation performance, Unique air duct design, through forced air cooling to reduce the impact of high temperature on equipment performance. Adopt dual-fan mode, perform forced air cooling on the power cooling module, and use thermal imager for thermal simulation test to ensure that the radiator works within a reasonable temperature range;
  • The channel is detachable, Various channels in the same box can be freely connected in parallel according to needs to be compatible with multiple types of battery tests, give full play to the multiple functions of the equipment, and save equipment costs for customers;
  • The built-in temperature of the device, each channel can be customized according to needs, with one main temperature without external auxiliary temperature (with multiple channels, the temperature needs external auxiliary temperature), Monitor the battery temperature in real time, so as to monitor and protect the normal safety test of the battery according to the temperature change;
  • Single box power supply, each cabinet of the whole cabinet is powered independently to ensure the stability and safety of the power supply of the whole cabinet;
  • Power independent, to ensure that the output of the circuit is uniform during the working process of the power supply, and there is no protection problem;
  • The clamp is flexible and adjustable, it can be compatible with a variety of sizes of batteries, truly a multi-purpose one, and maximize the use value.

2.  Equipment key components

Serial number  



Producer’s name




Function description




Feedback power

Guodian Seth / Pictured  









Built Standard/NMB




Air-cooled heat rejection







Protect the safety of

batteries and equipment under abnormal conditions.

04 IC TI/ON MEXICO/THAILAND Current and voltage

acquisition, PID control

05 Relay OMRON Japan (or China) Switch charging and discharging circuit



MOS tube






Power switch tube




Two triode









Resistor- capacitor  




High-precision current and voltage sampling


Sampling resistor  




High-precision current sampling
10 Current amplifier TI China (package) High-precision current sampling


Voltage amplifier  




High-precision voltage sampling


Analog-to-digital converter  




High-precision collection of

current, voltage, temperature, etc.



Digital-to-analog converter  




Setting of high-precision analog quantity



Master chip


ARM series STM32




Master chip

3. Introduction to equipment scope and functions 

  • Scope of equipment application: mainly used in battery production or experiments including lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, cadmium-nickel batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries, etc. Life aging test (Circle Life Testing) And quality
  • Supported test content: Battery cycle life test, battery capacity test, battery charge characteristic test, battery discharge characteristic test, battery charge retention test, battery charge and discharge efficiency test, battery overcharge, over discharge rate endurance test

4. Equipment environmental requirements and technical parameters

1SinglePower supply: AC voltage twenty two0V ±10%, frequency: 50 Hz ±5%, Whole cabinet power supply: AC voltage380V ±10%, frequency: 50 Hz ±5%

  • Ambient temperature: 0 ∽ 45℃
  • Ambient humidity: no more than 85%RH (no moisture condensation)
  • There is no strong vibration in the environment, No corrosive gas and flammable and explosive gas exist
  • Resolution: AD: 16bit

5.  Specifications:

Device model Semco SI 60V 40A 4 channels
communication method TCP/IP (network port)
Channel control mode Single point independent control
Charging energy saving efficiency  


Charging voltage 0~60V
Port discharge voltage 7.5~60V
recharging current 0.02A~40A
Discharge feedback efficiency 75%
Discharge current 0.1A~40A
Voltage accuracy ±(0.05%RD + 0.05%FS)
Current accuracy ±(0.1%RD + 0.05%FS)

Main temperature

According to the specific equipment, it can be customized and equipped with 1 channel per channel
Voltage resolution 1mV
Current resolution 1mA
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Input power AC 220V±10%/50Hz (Power supply mode of the cabinet: three-phase five-wire)
sampling time Single box sampling frequency 10mS
Record time 100mS~65535S

Charging mode

Constant current limit voltage, constant current constant voltage, constant power charging, constant current overcharge test (for battery with protection


Charging cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Discharge mode Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant current over- discharge test (for battery with protective board)
Discharge cut-off condition Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Number of steps in a single cycle 100 steps, with nested loop function (10 levels)
Circuit configuration Modular structure design, easy to replace and repair

Software and hardware protection

Reverse connection protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, under voltage protection, short circuit protection













Main functions of the system


1.  The software supports various connections, such as manual suspension and connection, software shutdown and connection, power interruption and connection, device communication interruption and abnormal stop and


2. It supports barcode scanning, which can scan one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes, including sequential scanning, channel skipping

scanning, and loading scanning scanning methods;

3.         Local test detailed data storage, you can view the current test data and historical data of each channel at any time, there are two ways to correspond to the data and the curve, and it supports single or batch export EXCE report, in addition, you can set up automatic data export at the end of the test according to your needs.

4.  Supports capacity sorting, which can sort the batteries and LED lights;

5. Support the pass judgment at the end of the test, and judge the Pass/NG result according to the specified cycle capacity, voltage, time and other


6.  Support various process protections and global voltage, current, and temperature abnormal protection, and carry out abnormal alarms, and support

battery pack overcharge and over discharge protection tests;

7.  Support unit conversion;

8.  Support database server background MES storage or other MES docking;

9.  Software and hardware offline protection;

10.  Support channel parallel function;

11.  Real-time screening of voltage collection, check the battery for poor crimping before the test, and transform into voltage screening before the test.

12.  BMS communication protocol docking, monitoring battery charging and discharging process processing through BMS data items.









System protection


Global protection parameters (including battery reverse connection protection, voltage lower limit protection, voltage upper limit protection, current upper limit protection, over temperature protection), CC charging protection parameters (voltage trend abnormal protection, charging current fluctuation abnormal protection, voltage fluctuation abnormal protection, charging voltage Time setting, charging voltage rising speed abnormal protection), CV charging protection parameters (including current trend abnormal protection, charging current fluctuation abnormal protection, voltage fluctuation abnormal protection), CC discharge protection parameters (including voltage trend abnormal protection, discharge current fluctuation abnormal protection , Voltage fluctuation abnormal protection, discharge voltage drop speed abnormal protection), Idle protection parameters (including voltage abnormal jump protection) five items, when each protection reaches the user set parameters, the device will automatically stop the channel operation, and issue an alarm, and will This incident is recorded for easy tracking.




Data monitor Check

Tie During system operation, the main window of the software will display the current, voltage, charge and discharge capacity of each channel in real time, the running process and the name of the current running process. Software can also Through the window View current operating data or historical data at any time, and can be exported manually or automatically in EXCEL format.



communication method


The interface between the equipment and the middle computer adopts the CAN interface, and the communication between the middle machine and the upper computer adopts the LAN network, which can ensure the stability and real-time performance of long-distance data collection. All communication ports of the equipment are isolated and have lightning protection design.

Software system Provide free software upgrades for life
Voltage and current detection sampling terminal  

Special four-wire connection

Security Level Meet the requirements of EN60950, GB4943


Follow the method of IEC62040-3 to test the noise. The sound level meter used for noise less than 70dBA should meet the requirements of Type I in IEC804, and the accuracy should be better than ±0.5dB.
Protection level IP20
Chassis colour Ice Gray

Lightning protection


Meet the 2-pole lightning protection requirement of GB17626

cool down Pump out

6.Physical map of equipment:

Single cabinet feedback equipment diagram (length*width*height: 750*650*210mm)

Whole cabinet equipment drawing (size: 940*790*1800mm)

Charged optional universal battery rack size chart (external dimensions: length * width * height = 1650*500*1488mm)

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