SI BE 124 02A – Semco Battery Equalizer

SI BE 124 02A – Semco Battery Equalizer


Produced by Semco Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Lithium battery pack balance maintenance instrument is a maintenance equipment for lithium battery packs of new energy vehicles. It can solve the problem that after the power battery is connected in series and formed into a group, due to the inconsistency of each single battery, the problem of unbalanced power of the battery monomer continues to expand, resulting in shortened battery life, reduced cruising range, and even complete battery failure. .

The main design idea is to analyze and judge the deep-seated problems of the battery pack by collecting single battery parameters and using intelligent algorithms. Adopting the method of “refilling all the strings”, the backward batteries are accurately recharged to ensure that each string of single cells is fully charged, and the power difference between the single cells in the group is maintained to the factory level. Thus, the short board effect of the battery pack is eliminated, and the capacity of the entire battery pack is restored to close to the factory level.

Design standards:

Product outline picture

Limit working parameters and use environment:

  1. The maximum allowable input voltage range of the power supply: 176V to
  2. The maximum allowable range of product working environment temperature: -40℃ to 60℃.
  3. The maximum allowable range of product working environment humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation, no strong vibration, no corrosive
  4. The maximum allowable storage temperature of the equipment: -55°C to 80°C (Note: The equipment cannot be stored at the highest or lowest limit temperature for a long time).
  5. Overall size:

(a) (24 series model) length × width × height: 300×220×150mm

  1. Total Weight:

(a) 24 strings: 7KG (Including output wiring harness)

Schematic diagram of product wiring instructions

  1. Figure 1 is the 13-pin Phoenix socket female socket of the maintenance instrument
  2. Figure 2 shows the wire harness end of the Phoenix connector
  3. Figure 3 insert the wire harness end of the Phoenix connector into the 13-pin Phoenix socket female socket of the maintenance instrument
  4. Figure 4 is the adapter board to the plug-in line Figure 5 is the adapter board
  5. Figure 5 shows the adapter board
  6. Figure 6 insert the patch cord of the adapter board into the adapter board

Notice: Each unit can be connected to 12 single batteries, and the maintenance instrument can automatically identify the number of battery strings. The different definitions of the positive and negative ends of the battery harness can be set on the screen.

  • With power supply Electrical connections:

As shown in the figure above, connect the power socket to the power cord and turn on the power switch to power on and work.

Function and performance description:

  1. Constant current output adjustable function:

The output current is 0.5-2.5A, which can be set continuously and linearly on the LCD screen.

2.  Battery voltage collection and display function:

The voltage of all single cells in the battery pack can be displayed on the display screen through a 4.3-inch true-color display. The display screen can display information such as battery cell voltage, maximum and minimum voltage, module temperature, and supplementary power.

3.  Suitable battery types include:

The product can be adapted to the common lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, and lithium titan ate batteries currently on the market. The charging start voltage and cut-off voltage of the product can be set on the LCD screen. The start charging voltage can be set in the range: 1.0V- 4.2V; cut-off charging voltage can be set range: 1.5V-4.35V.

4.  Automatic identification of battery wiring:

The product can automatically identify the number of battery strings, and generally does not need to be manually configured. If the recognition is not accurate after the battery is connected, you can click the “automatic configuration” button again; only when the automatic recognition function cannot be correctly recognized, manual operation is required Configuration.

5.  Line sequence number sequence can be set function:

Manufacturers with different battery harness numbers have different definitions. Some manufacturers start numbering from the total negative, and some start from the total positive. In addition to the inconvenience of reading the voltage, the wiring harness alignment is also different. This product can set the wiring sequence on the 4.3-inch true color LCD screen, which is convenient for customers to better set the wiring sequence.

6.  Module internal temperature display, protection and alarm functions:

The product has built-in temperature detection. Each module corresponds to a temperature sensor, which can detect whether the temperature of the module is too high. If the temperature of the module is too high, the product will display an alarm when the temperature is too high. Please clean the dust inside or replace the fan.

7.  Recharge capacity display and control function:

The supplemented power of each battery of the product can be displayed on the display, and the battery will display a fault when the supplement is too large.

8.  Data record display and export function:

The product can display the balanced voltage directly on the screen in the form of a curve, or export it into an EXCEL file for external viewing. The machine contains an 8G TF card, which can display data records for a period of time. If the capacity space is exceeded, it will automatically roll back.

9.  Balanced maintenance time display function:

The product can start timing after pressing the “Start Maintenance” button, and press “Stop Maintenance” to end the timing.

10.  Misconnection, reverse connection, jumper connection, disconnection, short circuit protection and alarm function:

The product battery is connected incorrectly, and the device will not be damaged if the jumper voltage is less than 80V, and the wiring fault error will be reported on the display.

11.  The device charging unit has no output self-check function:

If the product’s switching power supply module is damaged, or the internal resistance of the battery is abnormal, the system’s self-check program will automatically stop the output protection and display an alarm on the screen if the abnormality is found.

12.  System clock automatic calibration function:

The product will automatically calibrate the system clock when the network connection is normal, without manual clock calibration.

13.  Manual control output function:

The product contains a manual mode function, which can manually turn on or off any channel output power and force the battery to be charged. This mode can be used for product testing and other special functions.

Note: This function requires someone to be on duty, because the power output or shutdown is controlled manually, and the system will not automatically shut down. If unattended, it may cause the battery to overcharge, so please use it with caution.

14. Voltage calibration function:

The product contains a voltage calibration function. If the measured voltage is significantly different from the displayed voltage, input the measured voltage to correct the voltage display.

Note: Voltage calibration can only be calibrated within the range of 2%.

15. Product information query function:

All kinds of factory data of the product can be queried, including device software version, hardware version, display software version, UI software version, etc., as well as product production date, product activation date, product remaining use time, product ID number and other information.

16.  Device firmware upgrade function:

The device firmware upgrade function, after the device is connected to the computer via USB, the software upgrade tool can be used on the computer side to upgrade the device firmware and solve the software bugs found during the use of the product.

Basic parameters and main technical indicators:

  1. Power supply rated input voltage: AC220V±15%
  2. Power input frequency: 50Hz±10Hz
  3. Maximum output power for 24 strings: 300W
  4. Maximum power consumption of 36 strings: 375W
  5. Single string output current: 5-2.5A adjustable
  6. Maximum output voltage of a single string: 5V
  7. Adjustable range of battery charging output cut-off voltage: 500V to 4.350V
  8. Adjustable range of minimum allowable initial voltage for battery charging: 000V to 4.350V
  9. Battery voltage measurement accuracy: ±10mV without calibration, ±10mV for full temperature range, ±1mV after calibration, calibration once every six months or when the environmental temperature difference is large;
  10. Equipment pressure performance:

Power input wire to battery wire harness: ≥2500V Power input line to shell: ≥2500V

  1. Equipment insulation performance: ≥10MΩ
  2. Output reverse connection, cross connection single string withstand voltage: 80V
  3. Protection level: IP21
  4. Cooling method: air cooling
  5. Flame retardant rating: 94V-0


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