Semco SI HT 3563A 300V – Semco Battery IR Tester along with clip type probes

Semco SI HT 3563A 300V – Semco Battery IR Tester along with clip type probes


SI HT3563A Series Battery Internal Resistance Meter

  • Internal resistance resolution 0001mΩ, accuracy 0.3%
  • Voltage ranges up to 800V, resolution 00001V, accuracy 0.01%
  • Support multi-channel test (optional multi-channel scan box)
  • Standard RS232C/485, HANDLER, LAN interfaces
  • The test speed is 100 times/second at the fastest, and works for automatic sorting machine high-speed


  • Battery degradation status and life assessment
  • High precision lithium battery internal resistance, voltage detection
  • ESR test of super capacitor (low internal resistance capacitor)
  • Works for automatic sorting machine for battery internal resistance + voltage automatic test


Model CHT3563 CHT3563A CHT3563B
Display 3.5 inches TFT true color LCD
Signal Source 1kHz AC test current:<100mA
Measurement Parameters AC resistance, DC voltage
Internal Resistance Basic Accuracy 0.3%
Range 0.1μΩ ~ 3kΩ 0.1μΩ ~ 3kΩ 0.1μΩ ~ 3kΩ


Basic Accuracy 0.01%
Range 10μV~60V 10μV~300V 10μV~800V
Range Auto and manual with 7 ranges


100 meas/sec., 50 meas/sec., 20 meas/sec., 3 meas/sec.
Maximum Display Resistance 32,000
Voltage 600,000 600,000 800,000
Adjustment Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator 30 sets of data records, 7 bins sorting, bin count
Others Test leads anomaly detection
Trigger mode Auto, internal, manual, external trigger
Interface RS232C/485 Interface, Handler Interface(PLC), LAN interface
Power supply Voltage: 100VAC~256VAC; Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power(max) 15VA
Dimension (L*W*D) 325 mm*215 mm*96.5 mm
Weight 3kg



HT9363-A Kelvin test leads


HT9363B test probe (optional)


HT9600 Handler cable (optional)




HT9800 communication cable



Multi-channel scan box (optional)




Handler connector

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