Semco SI HP 3554A 100V – Semco Battery IR Tester along with clip type probes

Semco SI HP 3554A 100V – Semco Battery IR Tester along with clip type probes

Brief Introduction

CHT3563/A/B/64 high-accuracy battery internal resistance tester is designed for the new measurement requirements of the battery industry. It is special for measurement use in low- resistance batteries, large-scale lithium battery packs and fast product sorting in production lines. With the technology advantage of Semco in battery internal resistance testing for many years, CHT3564 is able to offer a high resolution of 0.1uΩ, maxi- mum test voltage of 1000V and test cycle of 10 ms.


  • Battery degradation status and life assessment
  • High precision lithium battery internal resistance, voltage detection
  • ESR test of super capacitor
  • (Low internal resistance capacitor)
  • Works for automatic sorting machine for battery internal resistance + voltage automatic test


Brief Introduction

The CHT3563/A-12H/24H multi-channel battery tester can quickly complete the internal resistance and voltage sorting test of the maximum 24-way battery. Based on the exact same test circuit of the classic CHT3563, the testing speed and accuracy of this device are leading in the industry, and it is the ideal matching tool for automatic test kit manufacturers.

Model Comparison

Model Channel Scope Performance Features
CHT3563/A/B/64 1 channel General Single test, is suitable for all kinds

of batteries

CHT3563/A-12HM MOS transistor 12 channels Single cell Scanning speed is fast
CHT3563/A-12HD Relay 12 channels Series battery pack High withstand voltage
CHT3563/A-24HM MOS transistor 24 channels Single cell Scanning speed is fast
CHT3563/A-24HD Relay 24 channels Series battery pack High withstand voltage


  • Used for high-voltage battery pack inspection for battery module inspection
  • Used for large, medium and small (low impedance) component inspection and high-speed mass
  • Production inspection for high-speed mass production inspection of various batteries
  • For fuel cell stack inspection
  • For battery research and development measurement
  • Simultaneously check internal resistance (IR) and battery voltage (OCV) at high speed
Model HT3563 HT3563A HT3563B HT3564
Display 3.5 inches TFT true color LCD
Signal Source 1kHz AC test current:<100mA AC resistance, DC voltage
Measurement Parameters

Internal Resistance

Basic Accuracy  


Range 0.1μΩ ~ 3kΩ


Basic Accuracy  


Range 10μV~60V 10μV~300V 10μV~800V 10μV~1000V
Range Auto and manual with 7 ranges
Measuring Speed 100 meas/sec., 50 meas/sec.,20 meas/sec., 3 meas/sec.
Maximum Display Resistance 32,000
Voltage 600,000 600,000 800,000 999,999
Adjustment Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator 30 sets of data records, 7 bins sorting, bin count
Others Test leads anomaly detection
Trigger mode Auto, internal, manual, external trigger
Interface RS232C /485 Interface, Handler Interface (PLC), LAN interface
Power supply Voltage: 100VAC~25 6VAC; Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Power(max) 15VA
Dimension (L*W*D) 325 mm*215 mm*96.5 mm
Net weight 3kg



HT9363-A kelvin test leads


HT9600 Handler cable (optional)


Handler connector


HT9363B test probe (optional)



HT9800 communication cable


AC Power Cord

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