Semco SI MWN 4000A/6000A/9000A – Gantry, Unipolar Transistor – Pnuematic

Semco SI MWN 4000A/6000A/9000A – Gantry, Unipolar Transistor – Pnuematic


This transistor spot welder machine is used for welding the cells with high quality. With self-check and contrast function, it can make sure that each spot is up to standard.

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Technical parameter

Specifications SWDQ-2429
Input Power AC 220V/50Hz+10%
output Power 4000A/6000A/9000A can option
Drive form Pedal/Pneumatic
Output Signal Photoelectric switch
Welding Current 00-99 Adjustable
Welding Time 1.0-3.0(ms)
Pressure in


Electrode Diameter $6
Electrode Length 15mm










Control Control by microcomputer
Set Up Each parameter was set by keyboard
Display Display the setting parameters with large LCD

accurately, intuitive and conveniently




Transistor welding supply power

Welding spark is small
Welding spot remains the same color
Better welding
The cell’s surface is cleaner after the high accurate welding
More accurate welding, more uniform heating
Short welding time, preventing the influence of the heat to the electric core
Welding Pressure 0.2-0.8KG/M adjustable
Welding mode Double needles
Counting Function The number of weld static are displayed on the LCD screen in the real time
Alarm Function It has the function of automatic inspection and

improve the welding quality

Scope of application Used for welding the power battery and assembled battery
Welding Ability 0.1-0.5mm thickness nickel tabs (Remarks: Over 0.3mm it needs to be hit a bump and split)
Outline Size L800x W750x H1150 mm
Dimension worktable L800 x W650 x H 710 mm
Height between electrode and table 65-130mm adjustable


 Remarks: Each machine is equipped with 4 pcs D6 welding electrode.

Welding application of power cell:

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