Semco SI DSWM 8X 5000A/6000A/8000A – Double Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Pnuematic/Fully Electric

Semco SI DSWM 8X 5000A/6000A/8000A – Double Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Pnuematic/Fully Electric

1. Product picture of SI DSWM 8X 5000A automatic CNC spot welding machine:

2. Scope of application:
Applicable cell type: 18650, 21700, 26650, 26700, 32650, 32700, 14500, SC battery and other cylindrical
cell combination spot welding.
Applicable product areas: energy storage power stations/electric bicycles/electric motorcycles/electric
vehicles/electric tools/aircraft model aircraft/plant protection agricultural machinery/disaster response/
health equipment/medical appliances/wild operations/water sports/underwater submarine/artificial
intelligence/security Technology/unmanned factories and other production and life applications of
modularized lithium battery packs for spot welding, and other lithium battery pack production line
equipment to form the entire production line.

3. Main Technical Parameters
1. Stroke in X direction: 800mm Converted to 40 18650 cells, 28 26650 cells,
2. Y-direction stroke: 400mm 19 18650 cells, 14 26650 cells
3. Welding speed 1: Plane spot welding 3200-4000 batteries per hour. (Due to different products)
4. Welding speed 2: 2300-3600 batteries per hour during bump welding. (Due to different products)
5. Battery core height: any cylindrical battery with a height of 40mm-70mm can be adapted
6. Relocation accuracy: 0.1mm
7. The maximum thickness of spot welding nickel sheet is 0.5mm (>0.2, slotting and spotting process
support is required)
8. Welding head pressure: 1—5KGF (original) adjustable or optional
9. The angle of rotation of the welding head is 360 degrees
10. Welding platform load: 40KG (maximum)
11. Moving speed of welding platform: 25 meters per minute (maximum)
12. Power supply: 220V 50/60HZ
13. Power capacity: 6KW
14. Power consumption: busy time—1.2KW, idle time—0.2KW
15. Air pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
16. Air consumption: 0.001L/S
17. Air source interface: 8MMD tracheal in-line
18. Equipment dimensions: length 1400mm width 1000mm height 1720mm
19. Equipment weight: 330KG

4. Function description:
1. The general 8-axis CNC system is adopted to make the control more standardized and the products more adaptable.
2. Full touch screen man-machine interface, equipment debugging and programming is clear at a glance.
3. Digital servo motor drive ensures accurate positioning.
4. Workstation design is oriented to the production site, easy to operate, low operating threshold, easy
to learn and use.
5. Equipped with Semco 10000A transistor spot welding power supply to ensure welding reliability.
6. Independent angle spot welding with dual welding heads solves the problem of different incision angles
of the battery slices.
7. After programming, the coordinates of each point can be accurately corrected, and the angle can be
8. Automatic alarm for defective solder joints, manual control and automatic positioning repair welding.
9. Automatic welding in and out of the workpiece, no human operation is required in the welding process.

6. Functional characteristics:

  1.  Workstation structure, the height of the workpiece is flush with the worktable surface, and the operation is convenient for loading and unloading
  2. The platform can be connected to various welding power sources.
  3. The spot welding program route can be designed arbitrarily without specific requirements.
  4. The visual and fully transparent workstation design is conducive to the observation and understanding of welding in time.
  5. Double X, Y axis servo drive, the spot welding head is horizontally arranged on the left and right, and the welding head is driven by servo motor. The welding head rotation adopts high-efficiency stepping drive.
  6. The automatic control spot welding is perfect, and the production products are neat and uniform.
  7. The programming is simple and easy to learn, and users can freely use their own needs and the battery cell layout characteristics of the product. Line design. File management is convenient, with convenient map function.
  8. During spot welding current detection is not up to standard, automatic memory, prompt after welding is completed disposal.
  9. Manual repair welding can be operated on the machine.
  10. Equipped with special adjustment and alignment tools to adjust the welding head, and the welding alignment can work faster.
  11. Production count
  12. To replace the product, you only need to adjust the energy and call up the program, no other operations are required.
  13. The remaining solder joints can be automatically welded from a certain break point by manual operation.
  14. Store dozens of product welding procedures and parameters in the system.
  15. The CAD map function of welding path is convenient and easy to use.
  16. Cooperate with the production line system to save the welding data of each group of products for tracking. Matching Miyaji this function is supported when power is supplied.
  17. Servo drive automatic protection function. Stop all actions when the workpiece driving force is too large, effectively protect the safety of equipment.

7. Debugging project:

  1.  Quickly set the origin of the workpiece coordinate
  2. Personalized writing spot welding program (easy to learn one hour to learn)
  3.  Spot welding program debugging
  4.  Adjust the welding head stroke mechanism
  5.  Clamping solder pins
  6.  Set welding machine parameters

8. Factory training program:

  1.  Processing programming training
  2. Equipment operation training
  3. Spot welding power supply application setting training
  4. Maintenance training

9. The main configuration:

  • 2 Semco-10000A transistor welding power supplies.
  • 4 sets of 200W Mitsubishi/Panasonic servo motors.
  • 2 sets of 100W Mitsubishi/Panasonic servo motors.
  • 2 sets of 86X68 rotating shaft motors.
  • Taiwan-made TBI or silver screw guide rails.
  • Industrial motion control system.
  • Weilun 7.5-inch screen man-machine interface.
  • Taibang series sensors, Izumi relay.
  • Fully enclosed forced escape ring water cooling system.


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