Semco SI DSWM 6X 5000A – Double Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Pnuematic

Semco SI DSWM 6X 5000A – Double Side Automatic Spot Welding Machine – Pnuematic

1.  Brief introduction of equipment

1.1 Function and Principle of Equipment 

  • Equipment it is suitable for automatic double-sided spot welding of various cylindrical cell combinations such as 18650, 21700, 26650, 32700, cells and other cylindrical battery cell combinations of cylindrical cores.
  • It is suitable for spot welding of modularized lithium battery packs such as NB/Power Tool/Gardening Tool/High Power/energy storage power station batteries/electric motorcycles/electric vehicles, and can be used with lithium battery pack production lines.
  • This equipment is a multi-axis control machine developed by modern automation expert It is an automatic production equipment for effective real-time control of processing with precision transmission and motor control mechanism for automatic walking mechanism.

1.2  The main functions of the fixture are as follows. 

  • Fixed a group Batteries and the battery slice and the bracket are a battery pack.
  • Make the position of the solder joints of the assembled battery pack welding parts accurate and stable.

1.3  The function of welding process is as follows

  •  Manually push in the battery pack fixture Automatic operation function when in Automatic Operation Function of Battery Packaging Tool after Manual Pushing in Position.
  • Electric positioning and pressing/compression function Features.
  • Double-sided simultaneous automatic spot-welding function.
  • Manual 90-degree change of welding head Features (to be customized).
  • Laser positioning and alignment Features.
  • Optional front and back discharge Optional pre-discharge and post-discharge functions
  • Wired remote control function of movable man-machine.
  • Automatic poor welding current alarm and repair welding function. (This function is available when supporting high frequency inverter and transistor welding power supply)

1.4  Equipment Action Flow 

Insert the battery cell/bracket/battery into the fixture→→Place the fixture to the sensing position→

→Automatic spot welding of equipment Finish sending out to the reclaiming position→→Remove the battery pack from the fixture→→Go to the next production escape ring Core/bracket/battery pack fixture->placement fixture to induction position->automatic spot welding of equipment to feed- out position->removal of battery pack from fixture->next production escape ring

1.6The overall dimensions and appearance of the equipment (Width*length*height):1000*1400*1680(This size is for reference only).

(The appearance of the initial version will be changed after the upgrade without notice.)

2.  Main functional characteristics:

  • Adopt a universal 6-axis numerical control system to make the control more standardized and the product more adaptable.
  • Full touch screen man-machine interface. Full Touch Screen Human-Machine Interface.
  • The welding head is driven by a flexible servo motor. Y, Z axis servo drive, double-sided X1/X2 axis spot welding at the same time, flexible servo motor drive of spot-welding head.
  • Workstation design is oriented to the production site, with simple operation and setting, low operating threshold, easy to learn and use.
  • Equipment with Semco Customer Selection Welding Power (This project is an optional project. It can be equipped with several welding power sources, some of which have different functions due to different welding power sources. Special welding power supply can also be selected individually.)
  • The dual welding heads are convenient to manually change the direction, which solves the problem of the different horizontal and vertical cut angles of the solar cells (need to be customized)
  • The spot-welding program route can be designed arbitrarily without specific requirements.
  • After programming, the coordinates of each point can also be accurately corrected.
  • Automatic alarm for defective solder joints, manual control and automatic positioning repair welding (some functions when equipped with monitoring function welding power supply)
  • Automatic welding in and out of the workpiece, no human operation is required during the welding process.
  • The visual and transparent workstation design is conducive to the observation and understanding of welding in time.
  • Equipped with special adjustment and alignment tools to adjust the welding head and make the welding alignment work faster.
  • Production Counting
  • Replacing the product only needs to adjust the energy and transfer out the procedure without any other operation.
  • Store dozens of product welding procedures and parameters in the system.
  • It can be displayed once and twice as well as pattern programming.
  • Yes welding path CAD map function, U disk copy program can be used.
  • The new generation of portable remote-control man-machine interface operation mode design effectively reduces the inconvenience of workers.
  • It has the switching function of forward and backward forward.

3.  Applicable battery specifications and maximum allowable size of battery pack





Core type


The largest battery pack length

Maximum height of battery pack  

Number of long * high batteries


Fixture Thickness

Maximum size of fixture  

Remar k

1 18650  




32 X 17  



600 X 350

2 21700 27 X 15
3 26650 22 X 12
4 32700 18 X 10

4. Technical parameters of equipment

  • Power supply specifications: Power supply: single-phase 220V 50/60HZ 8KW. (Required when equipped with high frequency inverter power supply380V three-phase power supply)
  • Air source specifications: No
  • Equipment weight: 300kg
  • General power temporary load rate and Normal power duty cycle is 20%.
  • Relocation accuracy: 1mm
  • The maximum thickness of spot-welded nickel sheet is 2mm/0.25mm. (The welding ability is different when equipped with different welding power sources).
  • Welding head pressure: 1-5KGF optional and adjustable.
  • Equipped with 7MM imported spot welding needle and chuck.
  • Welding head can manually change the horizontal/vertical selection(Need to be customized)
  • Welding platform load: 35KG (maximum)
  • Welding speed 3600P/H (maximum)
  • Equipment environmental requirements.
    • Ambient temperature: 0℃-40°C.
    • Relative humidity: 30%~85%.
    • Atmospheric pressure: 750±30mmHg.
    • No strong electromagnetic field interference and corrosive gas
    • 1000MM measurement from the outer wall of the
    • The equipment complies with the national safety standards related to

5.  Key Component Configuration 

  • Configure the corresponding different welding power sources of SEMCO Company, and the prices are different.
  • Two sets of 200W Japanese Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo motors in Japan.
  • 2 sets of 100W Japanese Panasonic or Mitsubishi servo motors in Japan.
  • SEMCO-made TBI or silver screw guide rails.
  • Fully enclosed forced escape ring water cooling system.
  • “Semco” special custom-developed 6-axis motion controller system.
  • 7-inch Weilun touch screen man-machine interface and movable operation panel.
  • Chint Electric, Izumi Relay, imported Zhengtai Electrical Appliances, Hequan Relay, Imported Sensors

6.  Electrical Circuit Diagram

7. Operation and Maintenance

  • Equipment placement required
  • Distance from walls and other facilities≥1000mm
  • Ground requirements: The ground is flat, and the four-foot cups are adjusted to be
  • Height space: ≥ 2500mm.
  • Workshop working environment requirements: 10℃—32℃.
  • Equipment maintenance
    • Clean up the welding dust on all parts of the equipment in time every day.
    • Check that all parts are in good condition every week.
    • Check the lubrication status of each moving part every month and lubricate in time (use 0# grease).
  • The operation must be performed in accordance with the specification requirements of the

8. List of Equipment Configuration and Accessories 



Name Brand Model Quantit


Unit Remark
1 Host Platform for Double-sided

Automatic Welding



1 PC
2 Welding Power Supply SEMCO 2 PC
3 Active escaping ring forced water


DN SI-3000 1 PC


Wire control remote man-machine interface box Man-Machine Interface Box for Wire-Controlled

Remote Control







5 Tricolor light HD 1 Piece


6 Special adjusting machine fixture

board Special shunting board

SEMCO 1 1 Piece
7 Hexagonal wrench Hexagon wrench Male system

Metric system

1 set
8 Solder pin Welding pin SEMCO 3MMD-


8 only 4 have been


9 Air hose Air hose SEMCO D=8MM L=2M


1 Piece
10 Instructions SEMCO SI 56035 1 Book
11 Certificate SEMCO SI 56035 1 Piece


9.  Consumable parts list

S. No. Name Specification Remark
1 Solder pin Welding pin 3MMD-1.7MM
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