Semco SI 11C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 with original HIOKI 3561

Semco SI 11C MFSM – Multi-function Cell sorting machine 18/21/26/32 with original HIOKI 3561

  1. Equipment pictures
  2. Product description
  3. Work process
  4. Equipment structure
  5. Technical parameter
  6. Configuration list
  7. Random accessories

1.  Equipment pictures:


2. Product description: 

  1. SIFX-10 Multifunctional Cylindrical Battery Testing and Sorting Machine is an automatic equipment suitable for testing the voltage and internal resistance of cylindrical batteries of various specifications. 10 good products, 1 bad product
  2. Applicable battery cell model: (18650/18700/21700/26650/26700/32650/32700)
  3. The test and sorting of this machine is composed of PLC control + touch screen industrial control computer. PLC controls the speed regulating motor and cylinder to complete the sorting function. The touch screen industrial control computer is responsible for data collection and processing, and data storage. The sorting number of finished cylindrical cells is about 3000-4500 per hour. The mechanical structure design is simple and generous, and the system test performance is stable. In the current market, one of the most cost-effective cylindrical battery sorting equipment so far. After using it, I never worry about the sorting of different types of batteries.

3. Work process 

  1. Through the touch screen computer system, set the parameter range of the internal resistance of the measuring sorting voltage, adjust each parameter, and monitor the working status of each The sorting work is automatically completed by PLC:
  2. Action process: manual loading of the whole box of battery cells → impulse to drive the cell to shift synchronously → test voltage internal resistance → impulse to put the cell into the shift belt → belt to move the battery to the corresponding gear receiving slot → cylinder drive to lower The battery cell advances the storage box → the receiver receives the material and packs it into the box;
  3. The equipment is equipped with sound and light alarms, which can handle pauses, fault alarms, etc. The operating parameters can be freely set according to the actual requirements of Voltage internal resistance detection and sorting function.

4. Equipment structure:

  1. The equipment has a compact structure design, beautiful appearance, and independent large-capacity NG block receiving box
  2. Retractable computer operation panel design, easy to
  3. Large-capacity battery hopper, dual servo motors for battery
  4. The equipment uses high-quality thick cold-rolled sheet metal and aluminum profile
  5. The equipment is equipped with universal movable casters, which makes it easy to move and transport the

5. Technical parameter:

  1. Adapt to battery specifications: 18650; 18700; 21650; 21700; 26650; 26700; 32650; 32700 finished product Batteries
  2. Number of sorting gears: 10+1
  3. Sorting efficiency: 50-80PPM
  4. Equipment failure rate: <2%
  5. Loss of product rate: <0.1%
  6. Noise: 48 decibels
  7. Operating temperature range: 26℃±5℃
  8. Humidity: ≤82%
  9. Clean, no strong electromagnetic interference
  10. Maximum equipment size: length: 1640mm; width: 900mm; height: 1610mm
  11. Total weight: ≈170kg.
  12. Equipment electrical: AC220V±10% 50Hz; power consumption 800W;
  13. Compressed air: the pressure is 35 ~ 0.8Mpa
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