HYNN Semco DECT 5V 100A 24CH

HYNN Semco DECT 5V 100A 24CH

Equipment Overview

  1. Equipment description:The regenerative battery pack testing equipment is independently developed by Hynn, which can test various performance indicators such as the charging and discharging performance, SOC, overcharging and over-discharging of lithium-ion battery packs. The equipment has the features of high power, high efficiency, high precision, high performance, etc. It adopts electric energy regenerative technology, which can greatly reduce the heat emission, electric energy consumption and operation cost of the equipment.

System Structure:

The equipment is mainly composed of upper rack, middle rack, DC/AC module, DC/DC module, lower rack, data acquisition and processing system, etc. It can collect battery voltage, current, capacity, energy and other information in real time. The battery voltage and battery pack temperature data are collected, and the collected data is stored in a specially designed database, and various data statistics, analysis and report generation functions are provided.

System structure diagram, as shown in Figure 1:

System features

System main functions

  • Battery life cycle testing
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Battery Charge/Discharge characteristic testing
  • Battery SOC retention ability testing
  • Battery charge/discharge efficiency testing
  • DCIR testing
  • Battery overcharge/over-discharge endurance testing
  • Battery dynamic testing

System main features:

  • The equipment adopts electric energy regenerative technology, which has high energy saving efficiency and low heat generated by the system, which can greatly reduce the heat emission, power consumption and operation cost of the equipment;
  • The equipment accuracy is 0.05%, the data recording time can reach 1S/time, and high stability;
  • Single point independence, independent charging and discharging conditions can be set for each channel;
  • Complete input and output, software and hardware protection, reverse connection protection, power failure continued connection protection and other functions;
  • Multi-layer network integrated management, centralized control by one computer, large system supports remote monitoring;
  • According to needs, the channels can be used in parallel to achieve multiple uses in one machine;
  • When the computer is abnormal, it supports offline operation at an appropriate time;
  • Modular design concept, box plug-in design, easy to maintain;

Equipment main features

  • Function descriptions
    • The equipment is mainly used to test battery charging and discharging and related battery characteristics, and the test channel is completely independent. Through software programming control, customers can arbitrarily program the current and voltage within the range to charge and discharge the battery, start and bind the test data according to the barcode, carry out product information tracking management, and monitor the battery data changes in real time during the battery charge and discharge process.
    • Safety protection: The device has the functions of anti-reverse output connection, abnormal voltage sampling line, abnormal current test line detection and protection functions. In the case of reverse battery connection, the channel cannot input and output current normally; when the voltage sampling line falls off or is disconnected, the current When the contact is not good, the equipment detects the abnormality in time and suspends the test channel. It has power-off protection, over- current protection, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, which can ensure test safety
    • Processing steps: You can customize variables to participate in programming, realize a variety of combined test schemes, and support multiple loop nesting.
    • Single point independence: Each channel has an independent programmable constant current source and constant voltage source, and the test step can be independently set to run
    • Interruption: In any case, such as a sudden power failure, communication interruption or other abnormal reasons, the channel stops, the next time the conditions are restored, the process step has the automatic connection and forced connection operation functions.
    • Abnormal capture: It can accurately capture the details of voltage and current changes. If the current and voltage changes exceed a certain range, the device can automatically generate alarms and suspend testing.
    • Record tracking: It has the record function, including operation records and abnormal records during the entire test process, which can be used for traceability and abnormal query of the test process.
    • Equipment and computer interface: The equipment and computer use Ethernet interface, which can ensure the stability and real-time performance of long-distance data collection, and can remotely monitor the operation of the upper rack of the workshop activation equipment in real time through the office network.
    • Data recording and processing: The main channel can be equipped with any auxiliary temperature or voltage channels for real-time monitoring of battery temperature or voltage, and synchronous display of total voltage, total current, total capacity, auxiliary channel temperature, etc.
    • Curve analysis and processing: powerful curve analysis capabilities: freely select the cycles that need to be displayed, free combination of a variety of curves (such as voltage, current, capacity-time; capacity-voltage; number of cycles-voltage at the end of charge and discharge, , curve combination. It is open to customers to configure themselves.); Can move arbitrarily, zoom in and out the graph horizontally and vertically, view the details of the voltage, current, capacity, cell voltage and other data changes; select a single data file for comparison with different cycle data; optional Compare the curves of multiple data files.
  • Function description
    • The hardware part of the equipment is of modular design, and each independent channel is one or more modules.
    • The equipment adopts the DC-DC conversion method, which is different from the traditional linear power supply method. The heat generated during the test is small, which not only avoids the safety and stability problems of the equipment test caused by the high temperature, but also saves the power consumption for the test.
    • Imported alloy material is used as the current sampling device, the full-load current output drift is small, which can effectively ensure the stability of large current testing and the reliability of full- scale long-term operation accuracy.
    • The current output of the equipment adopts the soft-start mode, which avoids the thermal shock of the battery and the connector caused by the instantaneous output of large current surge.
    • The equipment hardware control loop uses current and voltage dual-loop control, and the transition from constant current to constant voltage is smooth and without spikes.
  • Basic process setting of equipment
No. Basic function Function description















Charging function

·       Constant current charging function

·       The channel outputs with constant current, and the current output adopts soft start, without current impact;

·       Constant voltage charging function

·       The channel outputs at a constant voltage and does not limit the output current (the output Charging function Discharging function Aging Cycle “Stop” mode current is restricted by the maximum current value of the device’s nominal model, and is controlled by the battery);

·       Constant current and constant voltage charging function in continuous mode.

·       At the same time, the voltage output and current output are limited, the hardware is automatically switched, and the current hardware is soft-started, and the constant current is converted to constant voltage without impulse current.






Discharging function

·       The channel discharges with a constant current, and the current control adopts soft start, without current impact;

·       Constant power discharge function

·       The channel uses a constant power discharge mode, and the channel adjusts the current in real time according to the battery port voltage;





·       The current loop is in a cut-off state, but the collection of data information is not stopped.




·       According to the actual needs, the cycle test of the working steps can be done with multiple loops.



“Stop” mode

·       The channel is completely stopped.

·       The battery circuit is completely disconnected from the equipment.

Equipment Advantages

  • High energy feedback efficiency: the efficiency is up to 75% when charging, and 65% when discharging. The heat generation is small, which reduces energy consumption and production heat;
  • High channel output accuracy: Imported alloy material is used as the current sampling device, full load current output drift is small, 16-bit ADC/DAC unit is used, the accuracy is better than 0.05%, the sampling accuracy is high, and the long-term stability is good;
  • Safety protection function: The equipment channel has multiple signal acquisition modules, which can monitor whether the voltage sampling line is off or abnormal, and whether thecurrent line is in good contact. When abnormal, the test will be suspended in time and the user will be reminded to ensure the safety of the test;
  • Battery reverse connection protection function: When the battery is reversed, the hardware channel of the device is directly locked, and a red light will be lit when the output is disconnected to give a reminder to ensure the safety of the test;
  • CCCV charging: During the charging process, CCCV has no gap transition, without any voltage and current impact. It can effectively prevent the battery from being concentrated due to the heat concentration of the peak current, which leads to the islanding effect or overshoot caused by the islanding effect or overshoot of the tab ears or micro-short circuit, which causes the protection action and secondary protection action of the PCB;
  • Current start: soft start is used for the start of charging and discharging steps, and there is no current impact at the start moment;

Software Function

No. Function Function Introduction








Voltage Current

Time: 1-9999min/STEP Capacity


Support step: STOP, GOTO, LOOP.








Time restriction

Initial voltage cut, overcharge voltage restriction, over-discharge voltage restriction

Capacity restriction

Test cycle time restriction DCIR restriction

3 Barcode scanning Support barcode start and bind with test data
4 Data statistical Support charge -discharge data to select for statistical tabulation

Main technical performance index

No. Model SI DECT 5V 100A
1 Number of channels 24CH/ tester
2 Channel mode Completely independent
3 Working model of main


Charging: Constant Current CC, Constant Voltage Charging CV,

Constant Current and constant Voltage Charging CC CV;

Discharge: Constant current discharge CD, Constant power

discharge CP; Aging Suspension

Suspension condition for

main channel testing

Time, Voltage, Current, Capacity etc.


















Voltage for main channel


voltage rang


voltage rang

Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Resolution 1mV





Current for main channel

Highest output




Lowest output


Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Resolution 1mA
Response time of

current start



Time Resolution 1S




Maximum power of single channel continuous operation 500W
Stability ± 0. 1 % FS



Highest efficiency of




Highest efficiency of








Power factor ≥0.99
Auxiliary channel

parameter cut off function

You can set the main channel step to stop or switch when the

auxiliary channel signal reaches a certain condition.

5 Communication way Adopt RJ-45 network interface, can ensure the stability and real-

time performance of long-distance data collection.












Control procedure

Support power-down data protection, support for power-off,

manual stop, and continuous testing from data files;

Safety protection conditions can be set, including: voltage lower limit, voltage upper limit, current lower limit, current upper limit,

voltage and current trends.

The auxiliary channel protection conditions can be set, and the parameters that can be set include: voltage upper limit, voltage lower limit, temperature upper limit, and temperature lower


Cycle times Max 9999
Loop nesting 10 levels maximum


Process time rang Support h min S format
Date recording Time ≥1S











Ways of data display


Cycle list

There are cycle number, charge/discharge capacity, charge/discharge efficiency, charge/discharge energy, average charge

and discharge voltage, etc.


Procedure list

There are process number, working mode, process time, capacity, energy, median voltage, termination voltage, termination

current, etc.


Detail list

Record serial number, system time, accumulated time, voltage, current, energy,

power, etc.






Ways of data export

The data can be exported into EXCEL and chart files, which can provide various data analysis curves such as charge and discharge efficiency, charge and discharge curves, voltage, capacity,

current-time characteristics, etc., and the curves can be imported into EXCEL






Types of curves

X coordinate: total time, charge and discharge capacity, number

of cycles, etc., can be set freely.

Y coordinate: total voltage, current, capacity, cell temperature, charge and discharge capacity, cell voltage, etc., which can be set












Software protection

Power- down data protection, power- off suspend reconnection, over- voltage and over- discharge protection, over- current and under- current protection, capacity protection, over- temperature

protection, abnormal current fluctuation protection, abnormal charging voltage rising speed protection, and discharge voltage falling speed abnormal protection.

Hardware protection Battery reverse connection, over-current protection, over-

voltage protection.


Alarm function

The hardware has functions such as emergency cut-off switch, automatic shutdown after power failure, and automatic load

connection and disconnection.

11 Export lines In the four-wire connection mode, the current line and the

voltage line are separated.

12 Way of cool down Enforced wind-blowing
13 Safety level Meet the requirements of EN60950 and GB4943.




Follow the method of IEC62040-3 to test the noise. The noise is less than 75dBA. The sound level meter used should meet the

requirements of Type I in IEC804, and the accuracy should be better than ±0.5dB.

15 Level of protection IP22




Modular structure, spare parts and spare parts can be used for timely replacement and maintenance, free of charge during the

warranty period.

17 Service of software


Free software upgrades for life until the hardware is incompatible

Software operation instructions


Interface of process procedure;

Interface of main channel. The left side is Channel 1, the right side is channel 2; the blank area at thedown side is auxiliary channel data display area.

Process editing interface


  1. Name and selection of test steps;
  2. Some operations during step editing, such as move up, move down, copy, paste, insert, and delete;
  3. Selection of test data recording way and related parameter setting;
  4. Change rate protection selection and change parameter setting;
  5. Global protection item selection and protection parameter setting;
  6. Selection of processing methods after global protection;
  7. Single voltage, temperature and capacity protection selection and upper and lower limit selection

Notes:Please refer to the software manual for the detailed setting process.

Test data viewing interface

  1. Data viewing method classification, detailed view, classification view;
  2. View display content selection, display cycle, display process steps, display summary, display details;
  3. Data chart, set the x-axis and y-axis coordinates
  4. of the graph;Export test data setting;
  5. Data curve
  6. Display area; Detailed data Display area

List of main parts of equipment

No. Item Suppliers Origin
1 MCU ST Italy/France
2 Fan NMB/DELTA/SUNON Japan/China
6 Sampling resistor ISABELLENHUTTE Germany
7 AD Linear technology USA
9 Relay OMRON Japan
10 Miniature circuit


Schneider/Chint group France /China

List of random accessories list

No. Name Suppliers Origin
1 FAT Report 1 Setting/Patch During Delivery
2 Equipment instruction manual 1setting/patch English version of

operating instructions and software CD

3 Packing list and product


1 setting/patch During delivery
4 Communication box 1 setting/system During delivery
5 Communication Lines 1 setting/system During delivery
6 Equipment external test cable 1 setting/machine Placed in the equipment
7 Testing fixture/ terminal 1 setting/machine Standard configuration

TO cable lug

List of optional parts

No. Name Testing range and accuracy Quantity




Auxiliary temperature channel

Model of temperature probe  


Optional on demand
Accuracy of temperature




Voltage auxiliary channel Rang 0-5V
Testing Accuracy ±5mV Optional on





Battery Shelf






Optional on demand









Upper rack





Requirements of Configuration

Lenvo CPU: Intel, Duo- core,>3GHz RAM: 4GB

DDR4 Hard disk: 500GB Display: 19.519.5-inch widescreen display





Optional on demand

Equipment Information

No. Model Name Requirement Note






Basic Information

Equipment Dimension 600mm (L)


For reference
Equipment maintenance Front and back side
Ground load-bearing ≥600 Kg/ m2 For reference
Appearing colour of the equipment Tester: Light grey GY09, Other Cabinet: Deep

grey GY10

Colour can be customized















Power Supply

380V AC±10%, There-

phase five-line, Frequency: 50z±5Hz

Distribution Power 15Kw
Environment temperature


Environment Humidity 10%~90%RH, No




Avoid the equipment for being, avoid vibration,


Dust, and prohibit use in explosive dust and












Safety Instruction

Ensure that the equipment is well grounded.
It is necessary to keep the surrounding area spacious

and the ground clean and tidy.

During the operation of the equipment, it is not

allowed to open the inside of the equipment.

The disassembly and assembly operations of the test

battery must be performed with the equipment channel in a non-operational state.

In case of emergencies, you need to press the emergency stop button before doing

other treatments.

Services and support

  1. The supplier is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the test
  2. During on-site commissioning, the supplier is responsible for training the operators in the correct use of the equipment, and introduces the analysis and troubleshooting methods of common
  3. The warranty period is 1 year, and the maintenance, upgrade and training are free for 1
  4. After the warranty period, only the cost of raw materials will be charged for maintenance, and the software will be upgraded for free until the hardware is
  5. The after-sales service responds (Within 24hours)
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