HYNN Semco CT 5V 100A 16CH

HYNN Semco CT 5V 100A 16CH


  • Cycle life testing
  • Capacity testing
  • Charging and discharging characteristics testing
  • Charging and discharging efficiency testing
  • Over charging and over discharging endurance testing
  • DC Internal resistance testing

Main Features:

  • Independent channels with configurable parameter and condition setting for each individ al channel
  • Reliable and ultra-high precision testing with 0.05% accuracy
  • Precise control without overshot during CC-CV and CV-CC transition
  • Remote control of start, stop and monitoring for the equipment on any on-line computer ia WLAN
  • Modular design, convenient for maintenance
  • Software system is strong enough to show friendly operation interface
  • Four-wire output
  1. General Introduction

HYNN high precision CT5V100A battery testing system is mainly designed for single lithium battery cell. With high power, high precision and high performance, it can meet to all ability test requirements for battery cell with the range of 0-5V (Voltage), 0-100A (Current).

2. Detailed Specifications

Model CT5V100A
Output Channel 16CH (16 Channels/Cabinet)
Charging Voltage DC 0-5V (The voltage set for charging, 5V as maximum)
Discharging Voltage DC 0-5V (The voltage set for discharging, 5V as maximum)
Charging Current DC 10mA-100A (The current set for charging, 100A as maximum)
Discharging Current DC 10mA-100A (The current set for discharging, 100A as maximum)
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Current Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Voltage Resolution 1mV
Current Resolution 1mA
Data Storage Time 1 second (minimum)
Charging Mode Constant Current (CC), Constant Voltage (CV), CC-CV
Charging Cut-off Condition Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity
Discharging Mode CC, Constant Power (CP)
Discharging Cut-off


Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity



Work Mode

Working mode: CC charging, CV charging, CC-CV charging, CC discharging, CP discharging, standing and jump;

Parameter: setting voltage and current for charging / discharging, standing time and etc.);

Restrictions: time, voltage, capacity restriction and etc.

The modes can be permute and combine as per different test requirements.


Data Monitoring and Check

During work, the software can display the current, voltage, charging/discharging capacity, working step process and name accordingly in real-time. The software is also able to be checked for the running data

or history date at any time. The data can be exported in EXCEL or PDF format.



Equipment employsRS485 interface which can ensure remote data collection in stability and real time with insulated and lightning protection design.
Software Provide software upgrading during the whole life cycle
Circuit Construction Modular construction, easy for replacing and repairing
Voltage and Current Sampling Method  

Four-wire system connection



Independent equipment cabinet
Noise <70dBA
Cooling Method Forced air cooling, minimum 20cm length distance from air outlet to air intake
Inputting Requirement 380V/220V/50Hz. Allow wave range within 10%.
PC Configuration Requirement CPU 2.0GHZ or above, dual core processor, memory 2G, hard disk 1T, reserve PCI extension slot.
Equipment Maintenance Calibrate once per year and non-professionals are not allowed to open the case. Check the contact in

certain time to avoid poor contact.

Dimension 800 (Width) * 1000 (Depth) *1900(Height) mm


The package is suitable for shipments by motor vehicle, ship, airplane and train. Waterproof and civilized loading are necessary.



Test Environment


Power:10KW Note 2 Work mode:Continuously

Work environment:-20℃—40℃, no dewfall. Environment humidity:10%~90%

Ground load-bearing:≤500Kg/M2

Note 1: With testing range of 0-5V (Voltage), 0-100A (Current), and0.05% accuracy.

Note 2: When charge with 220V voltage, the maximum inputting current for single cabinet cable is 10A/ phase line (over 3 M2



Colors and Accessories

  1. Equipment color can be Standard box color is ice grey GY09 and cabinet is machine tool grey GY10.
  2. Instruction manual and software CD are
  3. Accessories are enclosed:
No Name Quantity Submission time
1 Equipment ex-factory test report 1 suit/set Delivery
2 Equipment instruction manual 1 suit Delivery
3 Packing list and product certification 1 suit/set Delivery
4 Box of communication 1 suit/set Delivery
5 Wire of communication 1 suit/set Delivery

5. Package, Transportation and Storage

    • 1. PackageItem name, type number, factory logo, inspection certification and date code are all shown on the package.
    • 2. TransportationThe package is suitable for automobile, ship, airplane, train transportation. Rain proof and civilized loading and unloading are necessary.
    • 3. StorageProduct should be placed in the package carton when unused with appropriate temperature and relative humidity conditions. Corrosive gas or product, strongly mechanical vibration and shocking and strong magnetic field action should be avoided. The packaging should be at least 20cm height far from ground for waterproof. If the storage time is over one yea, it should be retested by professional technicans before use.
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