What is battery testing equipment? Here’s all you need to know!

What is battery testing equipment? Here’s all you need to know!

What is battery testing equipment? Here’s all you need to know!

Feb 15, 2022 By: semco

In the past few years, lithium ion batteries have revolutionized the way we look at rechargeable power. With the increasing applications of lithium-ion batteries across multiple devices like drones, electric vehicles (EV), and solar energy storage, they have become a lifesaver. The main reason for the popularity of lithium batteries is the large number of things they can power up. Moreover, the capability of being recharged makes it all the more valuable. 

As the demand for lithium ion batteries is rising, battery manufacturers are now also using modern technology to push the limits of battery testing and manufacturing capabilities. Regardless of the size, life and performance, every type of battery is determined in the manufacturing process. The testing equipment is designed around the specifications of batteries. 

However,  the lithium-ion battery market encompasses all shapes, sizes, and capacities, making it difficult to create a single testing machine capable of handling different capacities and shapes with the required precision. Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries were originally designed for relatively small devices, such as cell phones and other similar electronic devices. Currently, they are used in bigger sized devices such as electric cars and solar battery storage. This means that larger series parallel battery packs have a higher voltage, higher capacity and comparatively more physical volume. Some of the electric vehicles even have up to 100 pieces of cells in series and over 50 in parallel.

If we talk about the typical rechargeable lithium battery pack in a notebook computer, it consists of multiple batteries in series. However,  larger battery sizes make testing more difficult that may affect overall performance. Thus, for the best performance of the battery pack, each battery should be approximately the same as its adjacent cells. If one of the batteries in the series has a low capacity, the capacity of other batteries in the pack will be degraded. 

Regardless of the device, the more batteries in a battery pack installed in series and in parallel, the greater is the problem. The best solution is to ensure that each battery is manufactured exactly the same and that the same type of batteries is installed in the same battery pack. Battery testing has become critical nowadays not only to rule out defective parts but also to determine which batteries are the same. As the demand for lithium-ion batteries becomes more popular and diversified, flexible testing solutions are urgently needed to maximize the benefits and achieve cost effectiveness.

Battery testing is not a new thing, but, since its advent, modern lithium-ion batteries pose new challenges to the accuracy of testing equipment. Semco Infratech’s battery tester solves the problems of accuracy, high current, and flexibility of modern lithium-ion battery testing equipment. We offer a variety of available battery sizes and capacities to suit emerging applications in the market!

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