SI CT 5V 20A 8CH

SI CT 5V 20A 8CH

Equipment Description: –

SI CT 5V/20A 8CH can be used for capacity test, charge and discharge test, capacity grading and matching, balance charging, etc. of various types of Li-ion Batteries, Ni-mH batteries, Ni-CD batteries. SI CT 5V/20A 8CH isolation detection technology can determine the location of the bad cells without disassembling the battery pack, then replace it. It can even charge and discharge the unbalanced battery pack to balance the battery and restore the battery pack to normal balance.

It’s suitable for lithium battery detection, maintenance, regeneration, pack assembling and EV battery regrouping, etc.

Lithium Cell Grading and Matching Tester SI CT 5V/20A 8CH

Model No.: SI CT 5V/20A 8CH
Channel No.: 8
Basic Function: Charge Discharge, Auto-cycling

Capacity grading and matching Balance Charging, Internal resistance test

Applicable Batteries: LiFePO4, Ternary lithium, LiCoO,

Ni-mh, NiCd and so on

Power Supply: AC200V~245V 50/60HZ
Input Power: Full-loading:1650W, No-loading: 80W
Ambient Temperature: <35℃
Ambient Humidity: <90%
High Voltage Insulation

Between Channels:

AC1000V/2min Normal
Cell Connection Method: Test cable
Parameter of Each Channel:
Max. Voltage Output: 5 V
Min. Voltage: V
Max. CHG & DHG Current: 20 A
Min. CHG & DHG Current: 50mA
Accuracy of Voltage: 0.02 V
Accuracy of Current: 0.02 A
Communication Port: LAN
Operation Method:

Detecting operation and management via the upper PC

Online software applicable system and configuration:
All visions of window 7/8/10; Minimum Configuration of PC:

-Independent display card above Celeron 2.0 Ghz, display memory above128M

-Internal storage>2GB

-Hard disk above 100GB

-Resolution: >1024*768

-With one or more series ports

Operation Software Language: English-Chinese shift
Product Size 675*340*160 mm
Packing Size 770*460*270 mm
Weight: 26 KG

Application Cases:

Optical Accessories:

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