Semco SI BCDS 99V 20A 1CH – Semco Battery Charge & Discharge Cabinet

Semco SI BCDS 99V 20A 1CH – Semco Battery Charge & Discharge Cabinet

Equipment Description: –

SI BCDS 99V 20A 1CH is integrated with the function of a high-precision capacity series discharging test and high-precision series charging test. With a wide voltage testing range from 9V to 99V which make it can test varieties of batteries from 12V-84V. Charging test and discharge test can be performed for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and other types of batteries. The maximum charge & discharge cycle index is 16 times, which can also be used as the aging equipment in the battery production.

The device provides two operation modes: Panel and Software. After installing the specified software, the device can be managed and operated through the computer: charge-discharge setting, data sampling, test report imports and export, test data analysis, charge-discharge curves drawing. One computer can manage multiple devices simultaneously through a switch.

Lead-acid & Li-ion Batteries Universal

Series Charge-Discharge Tester

Model No.: SI BCDS 99V 20A 1CH

Technical Parameter:

Technical Parameter:


Model No.: SI BCDS 99V 20A 1CH
Power Supply: AC 220V±10% 50/60HZ
Basic Function: Charge Discharge Auto-cycle

Test data analysis

Test data import & export

Applicable Batteries: Lead-acid battery pack

Li-ion battery pack

Battery Rated Voltage: 12V-84V
CHARGE Charge Methods: CV & CC
Charge Current: 0.5-10A adjustable, 0.1A stepping
Charge Cut-Off Current: 0.1-5A adjustable, 0.1A stepping
Charge Voltage Range: 9V-99V, 0.1V stepping
Charge Current Accuracy: ±0.03A
Charge Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1V
DISCHARGE Discharge Methods: CC
Discharge Current: 9V-21V: 0.5-10A adjustable

21V-99V: 0.5-20A adjustable

Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 9V-99V, 0.1V stepping
Discharge Current Accuracy: ±0.03A
Discharge Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1V
Max. Cycle Index: 16 times
Operation Methods: Software/Panel
Battery Connection Methods: Testing cable with clamp
Communication Port: LAN
Product Size: 45*36*14.5 CM
Product Weight: 9 KGS


It is a high-precision specific instrument suitable for electric vehicle & battery manufacturers and its dealers to test the performance of battery pack. And it can be widely used in battery testing and maintenance, production, sales and after-sales service lab battery R & D as an efficient & intelligent battery testing and maintenance equipment.

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