Semco Battery Charge & Discharge Cabinets

Semco Battery Charge & Discharge Cabinets

1. Semco 100V 60A 2CH
3. Semco Battery Charge & Discharge Cabinets Semco 100V 30A 4CH

Equipment features

❖ The constant voltage and constant voltage charging is safe and smooth, and the voltage and current sampling output of the device is controlled through the four-wire system connection for soft start, so as to make a safe and smooth transition in the constant voltage and constant voltage charging process to avoid the occurrence of peak damage to the battery.

❖ High-precision calibration: charging current, discharge current, charging voltage and discharge voltage are all calibrated by agilent with high precision to ensure the accuracy of current within 1‰ and voltage within 0.5‰.

❖ Segmental range design, in the operation of the equipment, according to the different output value of the internal intelligent adjustment of the range of the equipment, to ensure the high precision of each stage.

❖ Excellent thermal performance, unique duct design, through forced air cooling to reduce the impact of high temperature on equipment performance. The dual fan mode is adopted to carry out forced ventilation and cooling for the power cooling module, and the thermal imager is used for thermal simulation test to ensure that the cooling device works within a reasonable temperature range.

❖ Channels can be detachable, can be customized according to the needs of each channel in the same box in free parallel, to be compatible with a variety of types of battery test, give full play to the same type of multi-purpose equipment, save equipment costs for customers.

❖ The device has built-in temperature. Each channel can be customized with one main temperature without external auxiliary temperature (with multiple channels, external auxiliary temperature is required). The battery temperature is monitored in real time to monitor and protect the normal safety test of the battery according to the temperature change.

❖ Single box power supply, each box of the whole cabinet independent power supply, to ensure the stability and safety of the whole cabinet power supply.

❖ The power supply is independent to ensure that the circuit output is even in the process of power supply operation and there is no protection problem.

❖ The fixture is flexible and adjustable, and it can be compatible with multiple types of batteries, so as to truly achieve a multi-purpose and maximize the use value.

Technical specifications and parameters


The channel Each box has 2 channels
Communication RJ45 (network)
Saving efficiency Energy saving efficiency of charging: 85%, Discharge feedback efficiency:


Charging voltage 0-100 V
Discharge voltage 100-15 V (Lower limit voltage can be customized)
Charging current 0.2 -60 A
Discharge current 0.2 -60 A
Voltage accuracy + 0.05% FS ± 0.05% (RD)
Accuracy of + 0.1% FS ± 0.1% (RD)
Voltage 1 mV
Current 1 mA
The input power AC 380V / 220V + 10% / 50HZ
Time setting For 0-9999 hours, the time units are hh: mm: ss. Ms and the resolution is


Record the way Charging recording time, discharging recording time, stationary recording

time and global recording time

Record the


100 mS to 100 S
Sampling About 10mS for a single box
Charging mode Constant current limit voltage, constant current constant voltage,

constant voltage charging, constant power charging

Charging cut-off Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature
Discharge Constant current discharge, constant power discharge, constant voltage


Discharge cut-off Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature

Protection function

Abnormal data recovery; Battery reverse connection protection function; Software overvoltage, under voltage, over current, undercurrent, overcapacity protection, with the protection plate battery voltage and

current protection point range can be set and controlled;

Work steps of

single cycle

100 steps, 10 layers of nested loop

working time

The power of the equipment should be able to meet all channels to full

load, 365*24 hours uninterrupted operation

Equipment noise Less than 60 DB
Circuit structure Modular structure design for easy replacement and maintenance
The main temperature Can be customized according to the specific model of equipment with

built-in main temperature, each channel one way.

The temperature 0.1 ℃



System function overview

1.       The software supports all kinds of connection renewal, such as manual suspension, software shutdown, power interruption, communication interruption and abnormal stop.

2.       Support bar code scanning, which can scan one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code, including sequential scanning, channel jumping scanning, and mounting scanning.

3.       Local test detailed data storage, you can check the current test data and historical data of each channel at any time, there are two ways of corresponding data and curve, and support the export of EXCE report

in single or batch form, in addition, you can set the automatic derivative data at the end of the test as required.

4.       Support capacity sorting, battery grade sorting and lights.

5.       Support passing judgment after the test, Pass/NG results according to the specified cycle capacity, voltage, time and other information.

6.       Support all kinds of work step protection and global abnormal voltage, current and temperature protection, and carry out abnormal alarm.

7.       Support unit conversion.

8.       Support database server background MES storage or other MES docking.

9.       Open channel parallel function can be customized according to requirements.

Operating/storage 0 °C to 40 °C / – 10 °C to 50 °C
Working/storage 70% RH / 80% RH (no moisture condensation)
Equipment Non-professionals are requested not to open the case. Check the

equipment connectors regularly to prevent

Transport The packing is suitable for the transportation of automobiles, ships,

planes and trains.


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