HIOKI’s world-leading battery

HIOKI’s world-leading battery


Designing automatic battery testing systems is easier and faster than ever before

  • Double the total line resistance, so measurement errors are less likely to occur when using long measurement cables
  • Stable operation regardless of increased total line resistance due to probe and relay degradation
  • LAN is equipped as a standard for easy system design and layout, and excellent noise resistance for stable operation
  • Improved electrostatic resistance as a countermeasure against electrostatic charges during battery transport on a production line



*1: rdg. stands for reading, dgt. stands for digits *2: Typical value *3: When the power supply frequency is 60 Hz
*4: Total line resistance = wiring resistance + contact resistance + DUT resistance *5: Available as printer I/F
*6: LabVIEW® Driver is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation *7: Test conditions were 80 MHz to 1 GHz at 10 V/m and 1 GHz to 6 GHz at 3 V/m, all at 80% AM
*8: Canadian Standards Assosiation

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