Battery Comprehensive Tester Semco SI BCT 100V 200A

Battery Comprehensive Tester Semco SI BCT 100V 200A

 1.  Equipment applicable scope and function introduction

 BTS100-20-200 lithium battery comprehensive test equipment is a device to quickly and accurately test the performance of the finished battery. The system adopts 32 Bit ARM Processor, voltage and current adopt 16 Bit AD. The converter has faster test speed and higher test accuracy than similar equipment. It is widely used in the production and scientific research experiment test of power battery packs such as automotive electronics, aerospace, ships, solar energy storage, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, backup power batteries, communication power supplies, etc.

2.  Main performance of test equipment

  • Open circuit voltage: Test the voltage at both ends of the open circuit of the
  • AC internal resistance: Test the resistance at both ends of the battery discharge
  • Discharge test: Test the continuous load capacity of the battery, let the battery continue to discharge for a certain period of time to check the voltage
  • Discharge over current test: Test the battery high current discharge protection function, the battery high current discharge triggers the discharge over current protection function of the battery protection
  • Short circuit protection Test the battery protection time when the positive and negative poles of the battery are short-circuited and the battery is cut

(Microsecond level)

  • Charging test: Test the continuous charging function of the battery, and test whether the battery charging function is
  • Charge over current test: Test the battery high-current charging protection function, the battery high-current charging triggers the battery protection board charging current protection

3. Technical parameter


Input power AC 220V ±10% / 50Hz (Grounded)
Test class Test item Measuring range Precision
Open circuit voltage Open circuit voltage1 0-100V ±2mV
Open circuit voltage2 0-100V ±2mV


Discharge test

Starting voltage 0-100V ±2mV
End voltage 0-100V ±2mV
Discharge current 0.1-100A ±1mA
Discharge current 0.1-100A ±1mA
Discharge time 0-60S ±1mS
Discharge over current test Over discharge current 10-200A ±1mA
Over current delay 0-9999uS ±1mS

Short circuit protection

Short circuit protection delay 0-9999uS ±1uS
Starting voltage 0-100V ±2mV

Charging test

End voltage 0-100V ±2mV
Charging current 0.1-20A ±1mA
Charging time 0-60S ±1mS
Charge protection test Charging overcurrent 4-20A ±1mA
Charging delay 0-20S ±1mA
AC internal resistance AC internal resistance test 0-1000mΩ ±1mΩ


Control program

Programmable control of test items
Support a host computer software control8Equipment
The device supports scan code to start
Support test project export and import function
The device supports charging to activate the battery function
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Maintainability Modular structure, available spare parts, can be replaced and repaired in time
Sustainable output power 2KW
Sustainable load power 10KW
Test record keeping Database(SQL)Or Excel Document, support export Excel File


4. Equipment characteristics:

  • Battery pack monomer consistency evaluation test;
  • Internal resistance test of the entire battery pack;
  • Load test of battery pack;
  • Battery pack high current protection test;
  • Battery authenticity short-circuit protection test;
  • Battery pack continuous charging test;
  • Battery pack high current charging protection test;

5. Equipment accessories


Accessory name Number of accessories Remarks
Computer, mouse, keyboard A set Online use
Comprehensive test equipment One Test equipment
Test lead wire A set Connect to the test equipment

in the corresponding order

User Manual A set
PC software A serving Installed in the computer

6. Appearance parameters

  • Equipment size: W*D*H 850*700*920MM
  • Equipment weight: 75kg
  • Equipment power supply: AC220V/50Hz (Grounding).
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