Semco 60V 60A 2CH

Semco 60V 60A 2CH

System features: 

  • Single point independence can be set for each channel independent charging and discharging
  • Equipment accuracy 05%, data record time 1 second/time, high stability.
  • Powerful software and friendly
  • Four-wire output
  • Modular design concept, easy to maintain

Equipment description: 

The high-precision battery test system of the technology is mainly designed for the power battery/battery pack, which can meet the performance test requirements of the power battery pack.The equipment has the characteristics of high power, high precision and high performance. It can charge and discharge the equipment voltage 0-60V and 60~3.5V for discharging, 0-100A and so on.

Equipment view: 

Single view size (outer dimension: length * width * height = 650*755*210mm)

Overall view size (outer dimension: length * width * height = 730*710*1800mm)

Product specifications:

Equipment model Semco 60V 60A 2CH
The channel number 2CH (Each device has 2 channels.)
Communicationmethods RJ45 (Network)
Charging voltage DC 0-60V When charging, it can be used to detect and set the voltage range. The maximum voltage is 60V.
Discharge voltage DC 60-3.5V When discharging, the voltage range can be detected and set. The maximum voltage is 60V.
Charging current DC 1-60A When charging, it can be used to detect and set the current range, the maximum current is 100A.
Discharge current DC 1-60A When discharging, the current range can be detected and

set. The maximum current is 100A.

Voltage accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Current Accuracy ±(0.05%RD+0.05%FS)
Energy saving efficiency of charging 85%
Discharge feedback efficiency 80%
Voltage resolution 1mV The smallest unit used when the device detects or sets the voltage.
Voltage stability ≤0.05%
Current resolution 1mA The smallest unit used when the device detects or sets the current.
Current stability ≤0.05%
Power output range ≤7000W
The input impedance ≧10 MΩ
The input power AC 380V/220V±10%/ 50Hz
Current response time Current at 30A hardware response time:≤50ms
Time setting range 0-9999Within minutes, the time units are selected for h, min and s

respectively, and the resolution is 0.1s.

Record the way Charge record time, discharge record time, static record time, global record time.
Record the frequency 100mS~65535S
Sampling frequency Around 10mS.
Charging mode Constant current limit pressure, constant current constant pressure, constant power charge.
Charging cut-off Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature.
Discharge mode Constant current, constant power discharge.
Discharge cut-off Voltage, current, time, capacity, temperature.

Protection function

Abnormal data recovery;

Battery reverse protection function;

Software overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, undercurrent,

over-capacity protection, voltage current protection value range can be set, can be prompt and record after protection;

Single cycle number of steps ≤100 Steps,Has nested loop function.
Continuous working time The power of the equipment should meet the full capacity of all channels, 365*24 hours of uninterrupted operation.
Equipment noise Less than 60dB
Circuit structure Modular structure design for easy replacement and maintenance.
VCELL, TCELL Optional auxiliary temperature, auxiliary voltage, single box 16 channels.
Software functions 1.       The software supports all kinds of extension, such as manual pause extension, software shutdown extension, interruption of power interruption, interruption of equipment communication, abnormal stop extension;

2.       Support bar code scanning, scan the 1d code and qr code, scan code in order, scan code in the channel, and scan code by loading and scanning;

3.       Local test data is stored in detail, each channel may at any time to view the current test data and historical data, data and curve corresponding to two ways, and support in the form of a single or batch export excel report, also can according to need to set up automatic derivative according to the testing is complete.

4.       Support capacity sorting, and the battery can be graded;

5.       Support testing to end the qualified judgment, and judge Pass/NG results according to the specified circulating capacity, voltage and time;

6.       Support various step protection and global voltage, current, temperature anomaly protection, and abnormal alarm;

7.       Support channel parallel (optional according to equipment);

8.       Support unit conversion;

9.       Support database server background storage or MES docking;

10.   Software offline protection;

11.   Software offers free upgrades.

Work/storage temperature. Work/storage environmentrelative



≤70% RH /≤80% RH (There is no condensation)

Equipment maintenance Please do not open the case.Check the equipment joint regularly to

prevent contact.

The mode of transportation Packing is suitable for transportation of automobiles, ships, airplanes, trains, etc. It should be protected from rain and civilized

handling during transportation.


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