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It is suitable for battery pack double-sided spot welding and assembly in the factory for 18650 / 21700 / 26650 / 32700 multi-parallel multi-series combinations. It can be used in electric tool battery, torsion car battery, Energy Storage Battery Pack, Scooter Electric Vehicle Battery, etc. Compared with manual spot welding, the efficiency and accuracy of welding have been greatly improved. The operation and debugging is very easy and convenient. Design of components built-in makes appearance more concise.

Range: Semco SI -DSWM-6X-5000A
Semco SI-DSWM-6X-8000A
Semco SI-DSWM-8X-8000A

Product details


  1. Full touch screen, Human-Machine Interface, Y/ Z axis servo drive, double-sided X1/X2 axis spot welding at the same time.
  2. Flexible servo motor drive of spot-welding
  3. The universal 6-axis CNC system is adopted to make the control more standardized and the product more
  4. Automatic alarm for bad solder joints and manual control for automatic positioning and repair welding (some functions when equipped with monitoring function welding power source).

Applicable for

  • Core type- 18650, 21700, 26650,
  • Maximum length of battery pack-580.
  • Maximum height of battery pack-330.
  • Maximum size of fixture-600*350mm.
  • Y-direction moving distance-
  • Z- direction moving distance-

Our Gallery


Water Coolant: Used for the cooling purpose to prevent the breakdown of. Machine.

SMPS: Switch Mode Power Supply

Air Cooling Fan: Used for cooling purpose and prevent machine from breakdown.

Transistor: To control the internal function of the machine

Indicator: To indicate for a safety purpose or a warning alarm indicator.

PLC Screen: To operate the PLC and Programming Section

Zigs Tray: Feed the cells for the welding purpose.

Zigs Clamping: To fix the zigs for welding

Application: Used for welding of cells to make the battery pack.
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After sale service

  1. One year warranty with lifetime support (With AMC Policy).
  2. Online support and video technical
  3. We will guarantee the quality of the machine, and perform a second test on the machine before leaving the warehouse to ensure that each set of equipment runs well, and provide long-term after- sales service to 100% customer satisfaction.

Technical Specification


DSWM -6X-5000A SPOT WELDING MACHINE (With Customization)
Model No.
Input power 220V±10%, 50/60HZ
Power 2.8kW
Equipment weight 330kg
Relocation accuracy 0.1 mm
maximum spot welding nickel sheet thickness 0.2 mm / 0.25 mm
Weld head pressure 1-5 kgf optional adjustable
Welding platform load 35 kgf (maximum)
Welding speed 3600P/H (maximum)
Ambient temperature 0℃-40℃
Relative humidity 30%~85%
Atmospheric pressure 750±30mm Hg
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